John Arcudi And James Harren’s Rumble #1, Free (And DRM-Free) Till Tomorrow

It came out last year. But comic book foragers who waited until now can get Rumble #1 by John Arcudi and James Harren free, digitally, until tomorrow. In whatever digital format you wish… Okay, so a scarecrow walks into a bar…and proceeds to wreak havoc across two worlds! After a long absence, Rathraq, Scarecrow Warrior […]

ComiXology To Change Everything By Offering DRM-Free Options To Comics Publishers

ComiXology, recently purchased by Amazon, is the largest distributor of digital comic books in the USA, Canada and the UK. It does pretty well in other countries too. But, after the sale to Amazon, and the ending of exclusive contracts with a number of publishers, there is the possibility of other competitors ramping up. Amazon […]

Thrillbent Offers Direct DRM-Free PDF Downloads

Mark Waid, of Thrillbent has announced the opening of the Thrillbent store, allowing people to pay to download PDF versions of the Thrillbent comics they have been offering for free in CBZ format. And, in a model that seems to echo Bryan K Vaughan and Marcos Martin‘s Private Eye digital comic, they are DRM-free and, […]

The State Of Digital Comics And How Digital And Print Are Friends

The Digital and Print: Friends and Foes panel, hosted by Comic Book Resources’ J. K. Parkin, began with the members of the panel running through their views on the current state of digital comics. The general consensus, and a feeling that pervaded the rest of the panel, was that digital and print are indeed friends! […]