Doomsday Clock

Okay, So I Just Bought a Page of Doomsday Clock at MCM London Comic Con

Okay, So I Just Bought a Page of Doomsday Clock at MCM London Comic Con

I rather enjoy the comic book Doomsday Clock from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Some people think that because I regularly refer to it as an unauthorised sequel to Watchmen that I am somehow besmirching it. Not at all. I love an unauthorised sequel. Fanfic. Whatever you want to call it. These are not new […]

Is Doomsday Clock Based on a Massive Plothole?

We're in the era of Unauthorized Watchmen Sequels, what with the premiere of Damon Lindelof's HBO TV series and the republication of Watchmensch by Heavy Metal. The TV series runs in an odd parallel to the other unauthorized sequel, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's miniseries Doomsday Clock. We're one issue away from the final issue […]

Long Read: A Great Big Doomsday Clock DC Comics Conspiracy Theory

Long Read: A Great Big Doomsday Clock/DC Comics Conspiracy Theory

Bleeding Cool has run a number of articles looking at the relationship of Doomsday Clock to the rest of the DC Universe – and now The Three Jokers too. Seeing that what once was clearly intended to be the tightest of structured continuity, fall apart as a result of delays, personnel changes and internal political […]

Fans Will Decide Whether The Three Jokers Will Be In DC Comics Continuity…

When Geoff Johns segued from Justice League to DC Rebirth and then into Shazam and Doomsday Clock, it was set to be the hard-and-fast near-future of the DC Universe, and Johns worked with every creator on the Rebirth books about the direction of their titles, the core of the characters, and for a couple of […]

DC Comics' Full Solicitations for December 2019 -

Doomsday Clock #12 Will Be Out Before The End of the Year… Just.

It's been a long wait. But, yes, as we noted, DC Comics' December 2019 solicitations indicate that Doomsday Clock #12 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank will be out before the end of the year. And given that issue 11 came out a couple of weeks ago, and given the many delays, that's probably a […]

President Trump Talk Wonder Woman in Doomsday Clock #11

The Fate of President Donald Trump in Doomsday Clock #11… (Spoilers)

You may not see his face. But his speech patterns are unmistakable. Donald Trump as President Of The United States during Doomsday Clock, and praising Wonder Woman's efforts against the now-superpowered state of Kahndaq under Black Adam. And the 'vey bad metahumans'. To be fair, you have to give him credit for getting the last […]

LATE: Doomsday Clock And Shazam! Slip Further…

Yes it's been a while since the last issue of Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. It's been a while since I've been able to call it an unauthorised sequel to Watchmen on a regular basis. And now it's going to be even longer. A while ago we reported that Doomsday Clock #11, which slipped […]

Doomsday Clock #10 and Heroes In Crisis #9 Both Out On Wednesday. Honest.

Doomsday Clock #10 and Heroes In Crisis #9 Both Out On Wednesday. Honest.

No more delays. No more rescheduling. It's actually happening. Unless a large tanker truck hits the skids and plummets off a mountain range, this coming Wednesday will finally see the release of the long-delayed-and-frequently-rescheduled Doomsday Clock #10, the unauthorised sequel to Watchmen published by DC Comics. Here's a full coloured page by Geoff Johns, Gary […]

Poll: What Will Be Released First, New Mutants or Doomsday Clock #12?

Poll: What Will Be Released First, New Mutants or Doomsday Clock #12?

With news earlier today confirming that Disney has moved New Mutants to a release date of April 2020, it's seeming more and more likely that Josh Boone's film starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt, and Alice Braga may never actually seem the light of day. The film was originally slated […]

What's Happening With Doomsday Clock Hardcover?

The hardcover collection of Doomsday Clock, the unauthorized sequel to Watchmen by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, is due for November. It is even possible the three remaining issues of the series will be published before then. But it seems that the existence of the volume in question is currently in an undeterminable state. For example, […]

Doomsday Clock Collection Scheduled For November, Hopefully

If DC Comics are repackaging Blue Beetle and Question comics as The Road To Watchmen, then this must be the Defenestration To The Street Below Watchmen. We have the solicitation for the Doomsday Clock collection for November. Which gives you a timeframe for when the final three issues of this unauthorised Watchmen sequel currently being […]