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Thor 2 To Get Rewrites From Saving Private Ryan’s Robert Rodat

As well as Saving Private Ryan, screenwriter Robert Rodat has also hammered the ribbon over Fly Away Home, 10,000 BC and the in-development World of Warcraft movie. I think we call that a “mixed bag.” Next out of the lucky dip is a rewrite assignment on Thor 2, reworking a draft from Don Payne. Deadline‘s […]

Don Payne Gets Writer’s Role On Thor 2

The freshly announced Thor 2 is to be written – or at least co-written – by ex-Simpsons scriptwriter Don Payne. He’s got some experience with superhero fare, having perpetrated My Super Ex-Girlfriend and an early draft of Rise of the Silver Surfer. Similarly, the chap I was speaking to earlier today who had, once upon […]