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The Last (?) Dan Con Was Magical

By Peter G. In 2014, people gathered in Orland Park, Illinois, for DanCon, an independent comic convention that focused on local comic creators. But it wasn’t just any DanCon, it was the final DanCon. Dan Royer, the awesome guy behind the whole thing, had decided he was finished. As the con wound down that day, […]

Selling My Little Pony (Ish) At A Small Press DanCon

Pete G. writes for Bleeding Cool: Well, here we are in Orland Park, Illinois, for the latest DanCon indie comic creator convention. A time that is always good regardless of how you do, and a microcosm of the indie field. So how did this year go? Well, aside from one incident that I can’t talk […]

Doctor Whooves: The My Little Pony Fan Comic For Christmas Day

[issuu width=420 height=315 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121225190420-abd2de4f5ecd49d0bce71e8b3192268e name=doctor_whooves_-_night_of_the_living_doll username=richjohnston tag=bleeding%20cool unit=px v=2] Peter G writes; “Twilight Sparkle had a few friends back in Canterlot. Among them was a mysterious individual known as the Doctor. She didn’t know much about him, just that he had a brilliant mind, strong character, and was one of Princess Celestia’s most trusted […]

My Little Pony #2 Gets A Doctor Whooves Cover From Midtown Comics

Me do like a little My Little Pony traffic at Bleeding Cool. You may have noticed. Well, now we get two franchises worth of traffic in one post. Because in December, Midtown Comics are selling their own retailer-exclusive cover for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #2. And it features a little bit of a […]

Peter G Takes Doctor Whooves To Dan Con

Peter G writes for Bleeding Cool; Well, here we are at the Orland Park Civic Center in Orland Park, IL, home of the second DanCon comic convention. DanCon was envisioned as a convention for independent comic creators to help them get their stuff out. This year was much bigger than last year. Dan Royer worked […]