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All-New Wolverine #32 cover by David Lopez

All-New Wolverine #32 Review: Nazi-Stomping Group Therapy

Still wanting to help the Orphans of X, Wolverine has been hunting for the man who hired Laura out to kill the father of Amber, the woman who heads the Orphans. Laura is willing to go out and handle it alone, but Amber wants to come with her. This leads them to a beach resort […]

X-Men Gold Annual #1 cover by Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, and Chris Sotomayor

X-Men Gold Annual #1 Review: Visiting the Britain Family

Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and Rachel Grey of the X-Men have been invited to visit Captain Britain and Meggan’s new baby. The five of them have a connection thanks to their Excalibur days, and the three X-Men are eager to see Brian and Meggan’s child. Meanwhile, Starhammer, an alien whose species was wiped out by the […]