Dirk Wood

IDW Artist's Edition Wondercon Panel

Running Through IDW’s Artist’s Edition Plans at Wondercon

I am typically not much of a fan of the convention panels where they just announce the new books for the next 6 to 12 months, but the IDW Artist’s Edition Panel is always an exception, and with both Scott Dunbier, Director of Special Projects for IDW and the person behind the concept of Artist’s […]

Comics-Inspired Travel Tales, Recipes, and More in Full Bleed Vol. 2 from IDW [SDCC]

Ted Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of IDW, started the “IDW PDX: Full Bleed” panel off by explaining the creation of PDX, the newest IDW imprint responsible for publishing Full Bleed, the quarterly hardcover magazine from PDX. PDX is the airport code for Portland’s airport, which Dirk Wood, then IDW VP of Marketing, would regularly fly […]

IDW Launches 200 Page Hardcover Quarterly Culture Magazine, Full Bleed

Comics are serious business! And IDW aims to prove it with potentially the most serious magazine ever. Biff! Bam! Pow! Comics aren’t just for kids anymore! In fact, they aren’t even for comics! IDW is launching a new “culture magazine” called Full Bleed in December via its Portland-based Woodworks imprint, but this isn’t your grandma’s […]