Avatar Press Complete Solicitations For June

We've got the Avatar Press solicitations for June and they kick off with three different trades: Crossed: Badlands 9, Stitched 3 and Dicks 2. From there the Patient Zero story continues in Crossed: Badlands, new issues of God Is Dead, Uber and Caliban and we kick off an all new series – Dicks: End Of […]

Avatar Plug of the Week – DICKS (Color) #10 by Garth Ennis and John McCrea

Your prayers are answered, the final issue of Dicks arrives today!  Holiday hijinks are one thing.  But when the Dicks get involved they turn a little merriment into the most offensive yuletide ever!  Nothing is sacred to these two Irishmen.  Garth Ennis and John McCrea open your presents early this year with "Yule Log in […]

An Unkillable Emperor And An Unharmable Dan – Avatar In May

The latest edition of Previews is just around the bend, and we're giving you a head start at looking at the March 2012 solicitation artwork for Avatar Press (corresponding to items shipping in May). Caligula Volume 1 Softcover Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows) David Lapham and German Nobile's tale of the infamous Roman emperor.  To […]

Chew Meets Mars Attacks

The writer of Chew, John Layman, and the artist in Dicks, John McCrea are working together on a new version of Mars Attacks from IDW, coming out in June. Both are known for creating absolutely outrageous atrocities poured upon their characters for maximum comic effect, and I have to say, it makes for a rather intriguing mix. […]

Avatar In April – Crossed And Ferals Cover Gallery

Unveiled for all the world to see, we present to you the cover images for all new Avatar Press items in Diamond Comics' February Previews catalog. Crossed: Badlands #3 Regular Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows) The dangers of coming down from the Scottish Highlands to get supplies during a Crossed outbreak. Crossed: Badlands #3 Torture […]

Dicks, Battle, Witches And Fury – Garth Ennis' Plan Of Action

In the latest Panel Borders podcast, Garth Ennis talks up his upcoming comics. And while doing so announced a few as well. Here's a few timecodes you might enjoy… 07.47 – Garth says that he's about to start writing the third series of Dicks, the Irish sitcomic that knows no boundaries of offense with John […]