Diana McCallum

Dark Horse Publishes Margaret Atwood's Second Comic, For The Secret Loves Of Geek Girls

Dark Horse Comics has only just announced that they are publishing Margaret Atwood's first comic book, Angel Catbird. Well, now they are publishing another, a contribution to The Secret Life Of Geek Girls, recently successfully Kickstartered. The Secret Loves of Geek Girls anthology is written for the geek girl who wants information and stories on […]

The Golden Age of Manliness: Reprinting Brok Windsor With Kickstarter

Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool: I'm willing to bet a lot of you know who the manliest Canadian superhero of all time is. Or at least, a lot of you probably think you know because I bet most of you didn't just seductively whisper the name "Brok Windsor" as an answer like you should […]