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Blizzard Offers An Update To Upcoming Support For "Diablo 3"

Blizzard Offers An Update To Upcoming Support For “Diablo 3”

The developers at Blizzard posted a new blog entry on the Diablo side of things discussing the future updates coming to Diablo 3. The blog is pretty short compared to other updates, but it gets to the core of a few things in the game. Basically, they’re going to continue with more content in a […]

Review: PowerA Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

We got a number of items to review from PowerA when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, but the ones we were most excited to try were their Pro Controllers. Technically, the item is called an “Enhanced Wireless Controller”, but we know better, this is an officially licensed third-party Pro Controller. Which is a godsend […]

Blizzard Post to Diablo Audience Says Many Projects Coming Next Year

This morning, a moderator in Blizzard’s forums addressed some complaints about the Diablo series with a promising but quick post about the series. At page 180 in a post called “A Quick Word From Blizzard“, which goes back to November 7th addressing all the hatred for Diablo Immortal, one of the community managers named Nevalistis posted this […]

Blizzard is Giving Away Diablo III Switch Bundles in a Treasure Hunt

Blizzard made a new post about Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch today letting players know they’ll be doing a bundle giveaway. But they’re not going to make it so easy as they’ll be holding a scavenger treasure hunt for you to find objects both in the real world and online, and after putting the […]

Blizzard Rep Nixes Idea of Diablo III Cross-Play Development

A couple days ago we talked about how Blizzard may be looking into doing cross-play for Diablo III now that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Turns out, the person int he article misspoke about something that Blizzard has no intention of working on. Several outlets reached out to Blizzard to get a […]

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Blizzard Seem Confident That Diablo III Will Get Cross-Console Play

A Blizzard representative has said that it is incredibly likely that Diablo III will see cross-console play sometime in the future. Diablo is currently the name on everyone’s lips. With BlizzCon around the corner, many are expecting to see if not a whole new game, substantial new content from the franchise. Rumours have been swirling […]

Diablo III: Eternal Collection Will Hit Nintendo Switch in November

Ever since Diablo III: Eternal Collection was announced for the Nintendo Switch, we’ve been dying to know when the game would come out. This morning, Nintendo gave us an answer on Twitter as the company formally announced the release date would be November 2nd, and included a link to pre-purchase the game. The minions of hell […]

Blizzard Announces Diablo III Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo and Blizzard have come together to formally announce that Diablo III Eternal Collection will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. We have the full game description along with the official trailer and announcement video for you where the two companies decided to get a little cheeky with the people in charge. The first Blizzard game […]


New Report Says Diablo III on Nintendo Switch is Actually Happening

A new report by Eurogamer seems to confirm that, yes, Diablo III is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch after some confusion. Diablo III being on the Nintendo Switch has been an up and down story at this point. The rumour first saw light from a notorious industry insider a few weeks back, and then Blizzard […]

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Blizzard Starts Diablo III’s Thirteenth Season Today

Blizzard has revealed that Diablo III‘s Season 13 will begin soon. In addition, they’ve detailed the changes coming to the game in their latest blog post. As usual, Season 13 will come with new cosmetic rewards which are obtainable by working through the Season Journey objectives. This time around, the rewards will be the Helm and […]

Necromancer Skills Revealed For ‘Diablo III’

Last week, Blizzard announced the beta testing for Necromancers would be coming for Diablo III. Now that people are starting to get into the character during the beta, we’re finding out a lot more about it’s abilities and advantages. We’ve posted Blizzard’s own setup that they’re currently running, but be aware, the character is still […]


Blizzard Are Hiring For A Game Director To Lead New Diablo Content

Diablo has been a little quiet for a while now content wise, but the game remains pretty popular, and any news coming from its depths is always greeted with great anticipation. Well, we might be in store for some before too long. As pointed out by BlizzPro, a job listing has opened up for a Game Director […]

Take A Look At Diablo 3 In The Third Person

Diablo III is known for it’s top down point of view. This is an evolution from the 2D way the original game was rendered, with Blizzard deciding to keep the aesthetic as graphical power grew. I have always wondered what Diablo III would look like from another perspective though. YouTube user monstrousd3 has now satisfied that curiosity. […]