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“Weird West” Is Unveiled During The Game Awards 2019

Wolfeye Studios dropped by The Game Awards tonight to show off a proper trailer for their upcoming game Weird West. The game will be published by Devolver Digital sometime in 2020, as we get an eerie and cryptic look at one of the more interesting looks of American history. Enjoy the trailer! Survive and unveil […]

Devolver Digital Show Off "Carrion" During Their E3 Livestream

“Carrion” Announced For Xbox One In 2020 At XO19

Another game announcement today made prior to XO19 happening in London, as Carrion will be headed to the Xbox One in 2020. Phobia Game Studio and Devolver Digital dropped the news today along with a short trailer to mark the occasion. We haven’t really heard or seen much from the game since it was announced […]

Did This Self-Help App Rip Off Artsy Platformer "Gris"?

Did This Self-Help App Rip Off Artsy Platformer “Gris”?

The puzzle-platformed Gris may not be very exciting, but it looks unique. That’s why it’s so easy to tell when another app or game may be copying off of it. Publisher Devolver Digital accused self-help app The Fabulous of straight up ripping off Gris in a recent tweet. In a clip showing the two products […]

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“Metal Wolf Chaos XD” Receives A Proper Release Date

FromSoftware, General Arcade, and Devolver Digital have come out with a proper release date today for Metal Wolf Chaos XD, as we’ll see it later this summer. The game will be released on August 6th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $25. Those who choose to pre-order the game will also get an exclusive […]

Devolver Bootleg is an Honest-To-God Real Game

Devolver Bootleg is an Honest-To-God Real Game

Devolver Digital and Doinksoft have actually released a game called Devolver Bootleg. It is a real, honest-to-god video game that you can buy on Steam right now for under $5 USD. We forgive you for thinking it was a joke. We thought so too. We figured it was like the crypto-currency announcement from last year. But […]

Enter the Gungeon is Getting an Arcade Cabinet

Enter the Gungeon is Getting an Arcade Cabinet

Devolver Digital has announced an arcade cabinet for Enter the Gungeon at their E3 conference this year. While you may have assumed it was a joke based on the plugs for the Devolver CryptoCurrency and Devolver Bootleg joke ads, this one is actually real. Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gunhead is in fact going to […]

Devolver Digital Show Off "Carrion" During Their E3 Livestream

Devolver Digital Show Off “Carrion” During Their E3 Livestream

During their E3 livestream, Devolver Digital showed off an amazing new reverse-horror game that will have ’80s horror fans in love with Carrion. Developed by Phobia Game Studio, this is a chance for you to become the villain of a horror film in a video game as you play the creature who escapes from whatever […]

Fall Guys Revealed for PC and PS4 at Devolver Digital E3

Fall Guys Revealed for PC and PS4 at Devolver Digital E3

Devolver Digital announced another battle royale game at E3 this year, called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Unlike most battle royale games, however, you can expect this one to be a little bit more self-aware than any other game in the genre. The game description, courtesy of YouTube, reads: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants […]

“My Friend Pedro” Receives A Release Date Before E3 2019

In preparation for their upcoming press conference, Devolver Digital released a new trailer for My Friend Pedro giving the game a proper release date. The game will finally be released on June 20th, 2019, for Steam and Nintendo Switch for $15. Not much else was given away about the game since it’s going to be […]

Observation Receives a Launch Trailer Before Release on PS4 and EGS

Observation Receives a Launch Trailer Before Release on PS4 and EGS

If you’re into sci-fi thrillers, then you might want to check out the launch trailer for Devolver Digital’s latest game, Observation. Developed by No Code, this game has a very 2001: A Space Odyssey feel to it all, as you board a space station alone and attempt to figure out what happened to the crew […]

Here’s The Complete E3 2019 Press Conference List (So Far)

For those of you wondering what you should tune into a month from now to get the skinny on E3 2019, we have a list of press conferences. Keep in mind that this list is what we have one month out and could change at any time. Even though the major players probably won’t be […]

Devolver Digital Reveals Details For Their E3 2019 Press Conference

Are you dying to find out what happens to Nina Struthers from last year’s Devolver Digital press conference? You’ll find out during the E3 weekend. The company finally released details as to when they’ll be running their third over-the-top press pre-recorded press conference that takes the piss out of all other press conferences and announcements, […]

Rewind and Try Again As We Try Katana Zero at PAX East 2019

Rewind and Try Again As We Try Katana Zero at PAX East 2019

The last game we had a chance to try out from Devolver Digital at PAX East was an indie platformer called Katana Zero developed by Askiisoft. The game puts you in the shoes of a freelancing samurai warrior who takes on jobs and executes them with precision and ruthlessness. The catch to this game is […]

Devolver Digital Gives Us The ‘Ol Heave Ho at PAX East 2019

One of the big surprise games from PAX East this year came from Devolver Digital as they showed off Heave Ho from Le Cartel Studio. This particular game was kept a secret from everyone before the event kicked off a couple weeks ago, and when they brought it to the floor it was the primary […]

GRIS Celebrates 300k Sold With a Discount and a Free Update

Nomada Studio made a cool announcement this week that fans of GRIS will enjoy and those who haven’t tried it yet can get on board with. Yesterday the company made a Twitter post thanking them for 300,000 copies of the game sold, and announced that not only will it be on sale for 15% off […]

Devolver Digital Will Still Hold Their E3 2019 Press Conference

Good news, E3 attendees with a sense of humor! Devolver Digital has assured their fans that they will still “hold” their press conference this year. In the wake of Electronic Arts announcing that they were essentially bailing from the press conference lineup at E3 2019, Devolver decided to quickly chime in and let people know they […]

SCUM’s Christmas Patch Comes With Goodies As Well As Issues

You might want to think twice about updating SCUM this week, as the new holiday update comes with a price you may not be willing to pay. The bright side of the new update, which you can see all the details about here, is that you get a few new additions and costumes and other […]

Devolver Digital Tells Netflix They’re Down to Make a Stranger Things Game

In the fallout of Telltale Games closing up shop, it sounds like Devolver Digital would like to take a shot at a Stranger Things video game. The company really didn’t shy away from the idea, hitting Netflix up directly on Twitter and pretty much asking the company to slide into their DM’s, which is the […]

Gato Roboto Gave Us the Right Kind of Smile at PAX West

One of the games that gave us an absolute smile from start to finish at PAX West was Gato Roboto from Devolver Digital. This was an unannounced title all the way up until the convention started, so we weren’t sure what we were walking into. This is a sort of Game Boy/Metroid throwback title in […]

PAX West: My Friend Pedro is the Deadpool Game We’ll Never Get

The moment I saw My Friend Pedro on the PAX West floor, I knew I had to play if, if for only a few moments. Because I was thinking the same thing a lot of people were probably thinking when they saw the original trailer, and that is that it looks like a Deadpool game […]