Exclusive Extended Previews Of Dejah Thoris #5 And Devolution #5

Dynamite has sent us exclusive extended previews for two of their titles hitting the shelves today. Both of them the fifth issues of the series. We get Dejah Thoris by Frank Barbiere and Francesco Manna and Devolution by Rick Remender and Jonathan Wayshak. Dejah's trip to the badlands to find her forgotten memories continues while […]

Devolution – The Trade Hollywood Producers Should Be Ordering

Dynamite announced today that Devolution will be getting collected in August. And they sent out a press release and everything. But press releases are boring. The truth is, this series by Rick Remender and Jonathan Wayshak should be on the buy list of every producer in Hollywood. Remender made the jump from inker to writer […]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Kings Quest #1, Devolution #4 And Vampirella #3

We've got exclusive extended previews for three Dynamite titles shipping this week including the new Kings Quest series starring Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake and Prince Valiant. We also have the third issue in the new Vampirella series and the fourth issue of Devolution. Devolution #4 writer: Rick Remender artist: Jonathan Wayshak, Jordan Boyd (Colorist) […]

Exclusive Extended Preview For Devolution #2 And Red Sonja #2

We have two exclusive extended previews for Dynamite books shipping this week and both of them are second issues. Devolution #2 by Rick Remender and Jonathan Wayshak continue their new tale of a post apocalyptic world where humanity has reverted to beasts. Then Red Sonja #2 by Marguerite Bennett and Aneke we finally see the […]

Exclusive Extended Preview Of Devolution #1

Last week I reviewed Devolution #1 from Rick Remender and Jonathan Wayshak. I said it COULD be seen as controversial, not because of what happens… but why. Here is an exclusive extended preview for the new Dynamite series. Devolution #1 writer: Rick Remender artist: Jonathan Wayshak, Jordan Boyd cover: Jae Lee Every living creature on Earth has been devolved […]

Rick Remender's Devolution Will Get People Talking

One of the most anticipated series coming up from Dynamite Entertainment is Devolution by writer Rick Remender, artist Jonathan Wayshack and colorist Jordan Boyd. I have had a chance to read the first issue and it's… well… it's different. It's a post-apocalyptic tale set in a world where the majority of humanity have de-evolved back […]

Rick Remender Talks About Devolving The World

Rick Remender's newest series is coming out from Dynamite Entertainment. It's called Devolution and it's about: "Every living creature on Earth has been devolved – the evolutionary clock turned back, reverting all life to odd mutations and prehistoric incarnations. The cities of man are little more than bloody territories ruthlessly dominated by tribal Neanderthals ruling […]

First Look At Rick Remender's Devolution

Here we have an exclusive first look at interior pages from Rick Remender's upcoming project Devolution for Dynamite Entertainment. The art is by Jonathan Wayshack with colors by Jordan Boyd. The cover art is by Jae Lee. Every living creature on Earth has been devolved – the evolutionary clock turned back, reverting all life to […]

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's New Series Shipping January 2016

Here we have the covers and solicitations for Dynamite's two new titles launching in January 2016. We have the long awaited Devolution by Rick Remender and Jonathan Wayshak and the redesigned Red Sonja starts off a third volume with writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Aneke. DEVOLUTION #1 (OF 5) Cover A: Jae Lee Writer: Rick […]

Our First Look At Rick Remender, Jonathan Wayshak And Jordan Boyd's Devolution

At the Baltimore Diamond Retail Summit, Dynamite announced that Rick Remender, Jonathan Wayshak and Jordan Boyd's Devolution is set to launch in January. The book has been a long time coming since it was first announced , gone through at least one artistic change but now it is coming, honest. And here's a little look… And a Jae Lee […]

Jonathan Wayshak And Jordan Boyd Join Rick Remender On Devolution

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that Jonathan Wayshak will be the artist for Devolution, the upcoming comic book series written and created by Rick Remender (Black Science, Deadly Class). Also, Jordan Boyd will join the creative team as the colorist. A pulp / grindhouse science fiction epic that blends high-octane action, character drama, a world of strange mutations, and […]

Rick Remender's Devolution "On Hold"

This year we expect to hear lots of announcements of new big name creator projects and a number have already hit the headlines. But it's worth recalling a big one announced last year, as Rick Remender's Uncanny Avengers sold north of 300,000, that Dynamite would publish Devolution by Rick Remender and Paul Renaud. But unfortunately… […]