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POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU "Pika Pika" TV Spot [HD] Ryan Reynolds, Suki Waterhouse, Bill Nighy

New 'Detective Pikachu' TV Spot Has…a Fart Joke? Seriously?

Okay so it's not a full "new" trailer or anything BUT this new Detective Pikachu tv spot does have some new shots of notable Pokemon featured in the film. And a freaking fart joke as told by Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds): The story begins when ace detective Harry Goodman goes mysteriously missing, prompting his 21-year-old son Tim […]

BossLogic Created a Pikapool Piece, Because of Course He Did

With Ryan Reynolds playing BOTH the Merc with a Mouth and Pikachu in live-action films, it was only a matter of time before BossLogic mashed them up for a Pikapool piece. Thankfully, that time was this morning, and the resulting piece (titled "No Balls") is pretty great: NO BALLS! @VancityReynolds #DetectivePikachu #Deadpool — BossLogic (@Bosslogic) November […]

Here's the Official Synopsis for 'Detective Pikachu'

Yesterday we were….gifted…the first trailer for Legendary Pictures live-action Detective Pikachu, featuring Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the crime-solving Pokémon. Today, we've got the official synopsis of the film, and the internet's reaction to yesterday's trailer. "The story begins when ace detective Harry Goodman goes mysteriously missing, prompting his 21-year-old son Tim to find out what […]

POKÉMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU | Official Trailer 1 | 2018 [HD]

Detective Pikachu Gets a Noir Inspired Poster

This continues to be one of the most baffling projects to come out in a long time. Today we got the first look at Detective Pikachu and boy is that an interesting tone they are striking. The various Pokémon look really good in live action but the combination of the cuteness, the fact that this […]

Ryan Reynolds Shares First Trailer for 'Detective Pikachu'

We keep forgetting this film is happening, but star Ryan Reynolds just shared the first official trailer for the upcoming live-action film Detective Pikachu. I think we all knew I'd wind up as a miniature detective repeatedly saying the same two words. Just didn't think it'd be this soon. #PikaPika #DetectivePikachu — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) […]

So Why Isn't Ash Ketchum Featured in 'Detective Pikachu'?

One of the most prevalent questions being asked about Legendary's upcoming live-action Pokémon film Detective Pikachu [aside from the obvious "why?"] has to do with the decision to exclude human trainer Ash Ketchum. Rob Letterman, director of Detective Pikachu, explained a bit about why Ash isn't making an appearance. In a recent interview with IGN during the 2018 […]

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Review: Detective Pikachu's Plot is Its Only Saving Grace

Nintendo's Detective Pikachu is pretty strange right from the start. Mostly because you've got a Pikachu with amnesia, who acts a whole lot like a middle-aged hardboiled detective. Weirder is the fact that everyone who knew him before swears he used to be cute and adorable – like the Pikachu we're all familiar with. It […]

Omar Chaparro joins detective pikachu

Omar Chaparro Joins the Cast of Detective Pikachu

The cast of the enigmatic Detective Pikachu continues to grow. We have a new cast announcement, according to Deadline. Mexican actor Omar Chaparro has joined the already extremely impressive cast of the first live-action Pokémon movie. We only have some select details on the story, and the movie is currently shooting. It will focus on Detective Pikachu […]

Detective Pikachu Episode 0

The Pokémon Company Publishes Free Detective Pikachu Comic on Amazon

In case you'd like to dive into the world of Detective Pikachu before playing the game, The Pokémon Company has decided to give you a taste of the world for free on Amazon. The book is called Episode 0-Eevee's Case and focuses a bit on the origins of the only talking Pikachu in the world of Pokémon […]

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Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for March 20-26, 2018

We got a number of video game releases happening over the next few days, and while Game Developers Conference may be in full swing, it's not stopping companies from putting out new games as it happens. Check out the full list below, spend your money wisely, and as always; have fun! March 20th Assault Gunners […]

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Detective Pikachu is No Ordinary Pikachu According to Latest Trailer

It shouldn't surprise you that Detective Pikachu's Pikachu is far from the cuddly side-kick we're used to. The game is less than a week away from finally launching in the west and Nintendo has released a new video for the game featuring the star character. The video highlights the character and gives us a glimpse at […]


Detective Pikachu gives us Old-Man Pikachu for the Sake of Variety

For the sake of fitting in with its hardboiled roots, Detective Pikachu gives us a much older, much more jaded version of the Pokemon mascot. Now, this isn't a film noir, but Detective Pikachu is very clearly modeled after the classic black and white detective stories from the deerstalker hat to the gritty, cynical protagonist. Yes, that's right. […]

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A Wild Mewtwo Appears in the Latest Detective Pikachu Trailer

Earlier today, Nintendo released a new trailer for Detective Pikachu that showed off new features, characters, and gameplay footage for the upcoming 3DS adventure. The new trailer includes an appearance by the "mysterious Mewtwo" who seems to be a little bit shady. Some of the new game elements highlighted in the trailer are: Trouble in Ryme City!: […]

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Rita Ora Joins the Already Weirdly Impressive Cast of Detective Pikachu

The cast of the Detective Pikachu continues to grow every day, and it's starting to get a little weird how impressive this cast is getting. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Rita Ora will be joining the cast of the live-action Pokémon movie. Ora is best known as a recording artist and judge on The […]

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Suki Waterhouse Joins the Cast of Detective Pikachu

How is this turning into a truly interesting project? When it was first announced that we were getting a Detective Pikachu movie, even Pokémon fans were a little confused. Yet here we are with an actual movie, and one with a cast that keeps getting more and more interesting. Ryan Reynolds is playing Pikachu, Justice […]

Ken Watanabe attends The DreamWorks SKG and Sony Pictures Premiere of "Memoirs of a Geisha" held at The Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California on December 4, 2005.

'Detective Pikachu' Film Gains Ken Watanabe

We're still not really sure what Universal and Legendary Pictures are planning with their upcoming live-action Pokemon film Detective Pikachu, but their cast sure is getting good. Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai, Inception) has just been brought in to join the cast, apparently in a role that was specifically created for the film (so says The […]


Ryan Reynolds Lead Detective Pikachu Gets May 2019 Release Date

Last week we learned that Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) would be taking the in the upcoming film, Detective Pikachu. Now we know that the Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment project will be hitting theaters on May 10th, 2019. The film is based on the popular Pokémon franchise and will be the first live-action film set in that […]

Ryan Reynolds To Star In Detective Pikachu As Titular Pokemon

Detective Pikachu, Legendary's live action Pokemon flick, has found its Pikachu. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on the casting, saying that Reynolds has "signed on" to the production. Reynolds joins Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton on the film, which will be directed by Rob Letterman. Though the film is live action, Reynolds' Pikachu will […]

Justice Smith Will Star In The Pokemon Detective Pikachu Film

Justice Smith has landed the starring role in the upcoming live-action Detective Pikachu film. It will be the first ever live-action Pokemon film. The film has a script by Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch, and will be directed by Rob Letterman. As of now there is no known release date for the film.   Justice […]