Destiny’s Sword

An MMO With A Heart: We Tried "Destiny’s Sword" At PAX West

An MMO With A Heart: We Tried “Destiny’s Sword” At PAX West

On the last day of PAX West 2019, we made our way over to 2Dogs Games to check out their latest MMO project, Destiny’s Sword. The game itself is your standard MMO fare, where you play as a soldier running a squad fighting a war on an alien planet. You’ll head out, take on missions, […]

2Dogs Games Announces Destiny's Sword

2Dogs Games Plans Destiny’s Sword Closed Beta for This Year

2 Dogs Games has announced a sci-fi strategy/combat MMORPG called Destiny’s Sword, which is slated to launch in Closed Beta later this year. The game is intended to launch in Open Beta as a free-to-play title in early 2020. Destiny’s Sword is being developed first for PC via Steam, with console releases to follow in the future. […]