“Proud Boys” Protest Mile High Comics in Denver, Colorado, Over Drag Show

In February, owner Chuck Rozanski announced a new series of events at his world-famous comic book store, Mile High Comics, in Colorado. Denver. Drag For All Ages is a regular under-21 drag show every first Sunday of the month evening, and raising money for charity. And they have been running at the comic book store every […]

Dark Carnival Games Con Shut Down, ICP Responds

Insane Clown Posse fans (aka Juggalos) are unhappy in Denver, CO this weekend as the Dark Carnival Games Con has been shut down due to safety concerns. The event is put on by members of the band, and attendees were informed of the event shuttering via letters from the host hotel. This image comes from […]

Denver Comic Con ’15: The 8th Wonder Of Denver

Neil Greenaway talked to Jesse Dubin (President/EIC 8th Wonder Press) for Bleeding Cool from Denver Comic Con, Bleeding Cool: First off, what is the name of your book? Jesse Dublin: Uncanny Adventures is our anthology series. It started three years ago. The latest edition is Uncanny Adventures: Duo, which is a three part mini-series made up entirely […]

Denver Comic Con ’15: Kevin Gentilcore – A Name Made For Horror

Neil Greenaway talked to Kevin Gentilcore, One Half of CreepHouse Comics, and Writer & Artist for The Haunter, for Bleeding Cool from Denver Comic Con, Bleeding Cool: So, what is the name of your company? Kevin Gentilcore: Well, I am Kevin Gentilcore, one half of CreepHouse Comics. The other half, William Tooker, is not here […]

Denver Comic Con ’15: Alan Tudyk is Wash

  Michael Lujan writes for Denver Comic Con Moderated by Clare Kramer (known for her roles in Buffy, Bring It On and website Geek Nation) the panel with Alan Tudyk (best known his role as Wash, the pilot of Serenity in the show Firefly) basically revealed that he is Wash. Comedic and witty he was […]

Denver Comic Con ’15: The Women Of Whedon

Carley Jo Cave writes, This Sunday morning’s Women Of Whedon Panel included appearances by Jewel Staite (Firefly), Amy Acker (Angel and Dollhouse), Emma Caulfield (Buffy) and was moderated by fellow Whedon alum Clare Kramer. Amy shared some of her favorite memories of former cast member Andy Hallett (Angel) – who passed away from heart failure […]

Lying In The Denver Gutters – 25th May 2015

A Jim Lee guitar just looks so angry… so what have you been reading today while Bleeding Col has been running around Denver Comic Con? Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week 1. Possible Power Ranger Movie Zord Concept Art Found Online (REMOVED UPDATE) 2. Marvel Comics Covers Up Madelyne Pryor’s Underboob In Secret Wars: Inferno 3. How Far […]

Denver Comic Con ’15: Umbrella Corp Denver Saves Comic Con!

Nathan Becker writes from Denver Comic Con, Disaster strikes at the Denver Comic Con as the zombie-creating T-virus was released on the exhibit floor. The Umbrella Corp Denver was immediately deployed to eradicate the outbreak. No sightings of Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield or Leon Kennedy, but the heroes of UC Denver quickly assaulted the exhibit […]

Denver Comic Con ’15: Join the Force!

Evan Fries writes from Denver Comic Con, I’m just going to come out and say it: I want to be a Jedi. Well, okay, maybe not a Jedi, but not a straight up Sith either. Regardless, I just want to be able to wear the cool robes and have a lightsaber. It definitely helps to know […]

DC Comics Give What ‘Oracle Fans Have Always Wanted’ After Convergence

From DC’s Batman panel happening right now at Denver Comic Con, one fan asked why Oracle was “taken away” and turned back into Batgirl in the New 52, by removing her diversity as a handicapped person. Especially when she was previously very active and beloved. DC reps said that it was a valid question and […]

Swag! Denver Comic Con Edition – All The Art

Neil Greenaway writes, My first day at Denver Comic Con 2015 heralded very few comics, but a whole pile of original art. These pieces include an Imperator Furiosa from Ted Naifeh, a Galactus & Silver Surfer from Val Brazier, a Wolfman, a Skeleton and a Sgt. Hatred all from Kevin Gentilcore, a Ninja Turtle from […]

The Old DC Comics Characters Will Survive The Convergence

Bleeding Cool recently reported that the many different worlds collected on the Battleworld world of the Convergence would be seen again after the event, despite original plans for them not to. Well, at the DC All Access panel at Denver Comic Con, Convergence writer Jeff King stated that the after the Convergence “Every character will now be […]

Denver Comic Con ’15: 34 Shots Of Cosplay From Day One

From across social media, how the cosplay at Denver Comic Con 2015 is looking… it’s almost like being there! Teen Titans Go! #DCC2015 — Mark Neitro (@CBS4Mark) May 23, 2015 Today we’d like to thank Andrea from our Teen Council & Catwoman for volunteering at our booth! #DCC15 — Rise Above Colorado (@RiseAboveCO) […]

Denver Comic Con ‘15: Who Would Win?

William Wood writes from Denver Comic Con 2015, Fans get their blood pumping early Saturday at Denver Comic Con starting with the “Versus!” panel presented by From Luke Skywalker vs Poison Ivey to a final showdown between Iron Man and Wonder Woman, panelists lead a packed room full of fans through a “what if?” […]

Denver Comic Con ’15: Brian Venegas Brings Rotoro

Local comic creator Brian Venegas is taking his new comic book to Denver Comic Con… here’s a quick peek at the Rotoro. I started experimenting with the idea of the Rotoro project about two years ago after hearing stories about my grandfather who was born in Zacatecas Mexico in 1878. That’s right, 1878. He died the […]

Denver Comic Con – War Of The Infographics

Bleeding Cool reported on the recent kerfuffle at the Denver Comic Con between former founders of the show and the current administration. The accusers had an infographic asking where the money had gone and, basically, accusing the show’s organizers of embezzlement. A “Town Hall” style meeting is set to take place tomorrow, but the Denver […]