"Attack On Titan Tactics" Receives A Ton Of New Year's Content

“Attack On Titan Tactics” Receives A Ton Of New Year’s Content

This week, DeNA added a brand new update to Attack On Titan Tactics, giving you a bunch of New Year’s content for you to battle through. We have the full list for you below, which includes new missions, outfits, and other events you can take part in. But be quick as all of the content […]

“Pokémon Masters” Receives A Holiday Event With Decorations

DeNA officially started up their own event in Pokémon Masters today as we get a few new additions, but mostly decoration and costumes. We have the full set of additions for you below, including a new look for the Pokémon Center, a story event that kicks off on December 23rd, and some special bonuses just […]

“Attack On Titan Tactics” Announces A New Holiday Event

DeNA and Crunchyroll announced a new holiday event headed to Attack On Titan Tactics, as the Fanciful Story will be kicking off next week. Basically, it’s a chance to see everyone dress up in holiday gear like Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlelt, and Annie Leonhart. Plus a story that tries to celebrate the holidays in the […]

Mewtwo & Giovanni Make Their Way Into "Pokémon Masters"

Mewtwo & Giovanni Make Their Way Into “Pokémon Masters”

Today, the Lurking Shadows event has dropped into Pokémon Masters, and with it comes two familiar faces in Mewtwo and Giovanni. The psychic-linked duo will be available from now until December 18th at 9:59pm PST. You’ll be able to battle against the duo while also gaining more insight into their arrival on Pasio and their relationship with Team Break. […]

“Pokémon Masters” Adds In Three New Chapters With More Callbacks

Pokémon Masters received three new chapters of content this week, as DeNA is pulling more references from past games into the mix. Starting with Calem and Espurr being added to the game, the first from Pokémon X & Y. You also can now snag Torchic as a Partner Pokémon, giving you an option beyond Pikachu […]

DeNA's "Pokémon Masters" has Launched Globally on iOS and Android

“Pokémon Masters” Is Getting More Content From Previous Games

Those of you playing Pokémon Masters will be excited to learn there’s more content on the way, some of it from previous Pokémon games. DeNA announced they’re adding three new story chapters for players to explore, as well as Calem from Pokémon X & Y into the mix. We have all the new additions for […]

"Pokémon Masters" Is Getting A Familiar Gym Leader

“Pokémon Masters” Is Getting A Familiar Gym Leader

DeNA announced a new gym leader is coming to Pokémon Masters as you’ll be seeing an annoying but familiar face with Elesa and her Zebstrika. These two come from the adventures you had in Pokémon Black & White, as one of the harder and frustrating leaders in the game. You can see some info and […]

"Attack on Titan Tactics" is Now Available on iOS and Android

“Attack on Titan Tactics” is a Surprisingly Complex Mobile RTS

Like most officially licensed game adaptations, Attack on Titan Tactics relies heavily on its leveraged IP. A licensed game like Tactics lives and dies off of its authenticity to the original. Luckily, DeNA and Crunchyroll Games are also partnered with Kodansha and Funimation who publish the manga and anime respectively. The game also features the original Japanese […]

"Attack on Titan Tactics" is Now Available on iOS and Android

“Attack on Titan Tactics” is Now Available on iOS and Android

DeNA, Crunchyroll Games, Funimation, and Kodansha have launched the mobile RTS game Attack on Titan Tactics on iOS and Android in North America today. The game is an officially licensed mobile title based on the anime series, and can now be downloaded in the US, Canada, and Australia. Attack on Titan Tactics is a tower defense […]

DeNA's "Pokémon Masters" has Launched Globally on iOS and Android

DeNA’s “Pokémon Masters” has Launched Globally on iOS and Android

DeNA and The Pokémon Company have the highly anticipated mobile game Pokémon Masters for Android and iOS devices. The game is now available for download on the worldwide market. Based on the globally popular Pokémon entertainment franchise, Pokémon Masters is a mobile strategy game that features 3-on-3 battles in real time. In the game, players […]

Pre-Registration Begins This Week For “Pokémon Masters”

This week, The Pokémon Company and DeNA officially opened up pre-registration for Pokémon Masters on both Google Play and the App Store. On top of this fun news, the company has released six new videos on YouTube showing off the game. We have all of those videos here for you to watch as you can […]

"Pokémon Masters" Will Arrive On Mobile Devices This Summer

“Pokémon Masters” Will Arrive On Mobile Devices This Summer

Back in May when The Pokémon Company revealed Pokémon Masters, the company basically left it open-ended as to when we’d see the game. Today, developer DeNA released a brand new trailer for the game, letting fans know it would be coming on iOS and Android sometime this summer. New details have been added to the […]

DeNA and The Pokémon Company are Working on Another Mobile Game

We might be seeing another Pokémon mobile game sooner rather than later, as DeNA and The Pokémon Company are reportedly working on another mobile title. This will be the first mobile Pokémon spinoff since Pokémon Go launched in 2016. However, instead of being an AR game by Niantic, this Pokémon game will be developed by DeNA. […]


Nintendo Is Looking to Partner With More Mobile Game Devs

Nintendo is reportedly looking to expand their mobile game offerings beyond their current partnership with DeNA by working with more mobile developers, in the hopes of “raising the pace” of new mobile titles after last year’s mobile revenue “fell short of expectations.” Since mobile games are becoming more and more successful for other publishers, it […]

Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Miitomo Hits The West Later This Week

The age of Nintendo mobile gaming is upon us. Miitomo, the first game made in partnership with DeNA, has been out in Japan for a little bit, and has been lighting up the charts over there. That is a big deal considering how big the mobile platform is in the country. The West doesn’t have […]

Nintendo’s First Wave Of Mobile Games Will Be Free-To-Play

Nintendo’s venture into mobile is yet been defined. We know about the first app the developer will be pushing out, Miitomo in March, but until that happens, we don’t really know what this means for the mobile space or Nintendo. One thing we do know for sure now though is that the company is planning […]

Category: Video Games – Episode 31: Nintendo Did A Thing

Another week, another Category: Video Games. If you are joining us for the first time, this is the podcast where me, Laura Kate Dale and Andre Miller sit down, usually with a guest to talk about the video game news of the week. I say usually, because by the very nature of the show, we […]

Nintendo Enter The Mobile Market In A Big Way With DeNA

It wasn’t just the NX Nintendo announced during the press conference a few hours ago. No, they also dropped a pretty big bomb regarding something many have been asking for for a while. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo would be partnering with Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA to bring their characters to the […]

Dark Cybertron Event Is Coming To Transformers Legends

Dark Cybertron, a new interactive event, was announced by Hasbro, DeNA and IDW Publishing this week for fans of the mobile card battle game Transformers: Legends. Those that play the in-game episodes that run from Feb 5th to Feb 11th will gain free access to a special edition Dark Cybertron digital comic and exclusive discounts […]