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death wish

The New Red Band Trailer for Death Wish is Still Generic as Hell

It seems they're taking a turn with the marketing for the re-make of Death Wish. The first few trailers have been incredible generic, so maybe it was time to ramp this thing up a bit. Director Eli Roth released a new trailer today, and it appears to be a red band trailer. So now we […]

death wish

New Trailer for Death Wish Remake Ramps Up Fearmongering

When MGM released the first trailer for Eli Roth's remake of Death Wish starring Bruce Willis back in August, Bleeding Cool's Kaitlyn Booth said that the trailer "couldn't be more generic," referred to the film as "a blatant cash grab," and said: "Perhaps this trailer is just poorly cut together, but everything from the plot […]

The Trailer For The 'Death Wish' Remake Could Not Be More Generic

When the first look at the new Death Wish remake brought to us by Eli Roth dropped yesterday the world didn't seem to react much. We'd only seen four images plus an interview with Roth but everything he was saying sounded like every other action movie that is out there right now. Now we have […]

First Look At Eli Roth's 'Death Wish' Remake

There is a remake for Death Wish coming out this November and it stars one of the premiere action heroes; Bruce Willis. Willis, however, hasn't had a major box office success in quite some time and the movie is being directed by Eli Roth who is known for horror and gore and not action. Yahoo […]

Vincent D’Onofrio

2 New Actors Sign On For Death Wish Remake

The Bruce Willis lead remake of the 1974 film Death Wish has added two more actors. Vincent D'Onofrio (Marvel's Daredevil) and Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) have signed on to the new Eli Roth adaptation of the book by Brian Garfield. The story follows a man named Paul Kersey (Willis) whose world is destroyed by a […]

Eli Roth To Remake Death Wish With Bruce Willis

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly ten or so years ago, Clint Eastwood mentioned he turned down the lead part in Michael Winner's Death Wish for a simple reason: he was obvious casting. To him, the story of an architect turned vigilante after the rape and death of his wife would have been more interesting […]

Death Wish Remake Is Joe Carnahan's Reward For The Grey

I'm not the world's biggest Joe Carnahan fan and I really did not like The A-Team at all, but I have to say, his new picture The Grey is alright by me. It's at least half an hour too long, occasionally a bit rough and has been padded with some forgettable characters and repetitive episodes […]