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Joker: Killer Smile and Death Of Superman to be Made Returnable by DC Comics

DC Comics is looking to make more titles returnable for retailers, something they have made standard policy of late, despite the added costs and knocks to the official statistics that it brings. But rather than make this available to lower-profile titles that other publishers have focused on, DC Comics are doing it to their bigger […]

Comic Book Hot Tips from 1993

It’s a little early for Throwback Thursday, but we’re visiting our parents out of state this week, and when we arrived, we were greeted with a surprise box of old comics-related stuff unearthed in a Spring cleaning at our grandmother’s house. The box was from American Entertainment (you may remember their ads selling back issues […]

First Look at the Death of Superman Animated Movie Trailer

The next DC Animate Film adapts one of the bestselling comic book stories of all time, the Death of Superman. The new film is part of the universe that was created in 2014 in Justice League: War and has continued through the last four years. The synopsis reads: “The Man of Steel meets his ultimate […]

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Another Take On Doomsday Clock #1’s November 22nd Opening Date From Watchmen

This opening scene from Doomsday Clock #1, by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, published by DC Comics tonight at 11:57 p.m. in midnight-opening stores, or tomorrow at stores where they like to go to bed. It’s also November 22nd tomorrow, albeit 2017 rather than the 1992 of the opening scene. There’s been some commentary over […]

Valiant’s Book Of Death Variants Revisit Another Famous Comics Death….

Fake polybag BOOK OF DEATH @UltimateComics cover might just be the greatest retailer exclusive ever! @ValiantComics — Dinesh Shamdasani (@dinesh_s) June 23, 2015 From the twitter of Valiant Comics CEO himself comes validation for the Ultimate Comics retailer variant not-actually-polybagged covers for Valiant Book Of Death. Does that look familiar to you? How about the […]

When Doomsday Killed Superman, From A New 52 Perspective

Superman #75. Remember that? The Death of Superman, shipped in a black plastic bag with a bloody S on the cover, and a series of splash pages. Selling three million, that’s what new customers thought comics were. If they dared open the bag. Well, that was two decades and a relaunch back in time. We […]

Rick Schindler Talks About Fandemonium And Comic Icons

Wattle Publishing recently sent me a new novel by writer Rick Schindler. Its the story of a comic writer who had risen to the heights of popularity only to have it all come crashing down. But he keeps going and just when he might be able to regain some of his former glory, greedy corporate types […]

North Carolina Store Announces Memorial On 10th Anniversary Date

I’m not exactly sure how to write this up…. In what is either one of the most clever marketing campaigns, steeped in the history of comic events OR in a marketing campaigned steeped in comic over-hype and in really bad taste… Ultimate Comics is using the supposed death of store Founder Al Gill to bring […]

The Sand Superman Conspiracy That Wasn’t.

It was a terribly engaging theory, that Superman was intended to have been replaced by a Sand creature back in 1988, as a possible get out to the Lois And Clark wedding. And only revealed when the annual in question was finaly printed many years later. Compiled by DB Hughes it was one of the […]

Friday Trending Topics: Sand Superman

Interesting conspiracy theory from DB Hughes in today’s trendingest post. I remember the clues and speculation over this at the time pretty well,  but by the time all was said and done the Death of Superman event had blown up so huge that the Sand Superman situation was largely forgotten in fan conversation over the […]