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Dan DiDio Dishes On The New DCU In Pre-Comic Con Q&A

DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio took to facebook a few hours ago to take questions con-panel-style from people who can't attend the show. A pretty cool idea, I think — and he dropped a few intriguing tidbits in the process. Here's a bunch of highlights, copypasted so you can see the Q/A's more clearly: Falling into […]

Dan DiDio Discusses LGBT Characters In The New DCU

The Advocate has published an interview with DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio on the DCU's cast of LGBT characters. A couple of hilights: Why did you choose to attach such a high-profile gay character to Batman as apposed to other characters like Superman or Wonder Woman? There's a lot more characters that inhabit Batman's world. […]

DC's Bullet Points On The New Superman: "Younger, Brasher, And More Brooding"

There's lots of news swirling around about Superman today, and DC has just issued a made-for-mainstream-news set of points covering what's going on with the relaunch, along with a bigger version of this morning's official, actual Action Comics #1 cover: He has been called the Man of Steel, the Last Son of Krypton and a […]

Thursday Trending Topics: The Justice League Mystery Woman

This is one of the other things I've enjoyed about the build-up to the new DCU: changing solicit & promo graphics and info (sometimes more than once!) creating clues, uncovering secrets.  Like turning solicits into a big, collaborative, multiplayer game. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Identifying The Mystery Woman On The Original Cover Of JLI #1 […]

Monday Trending Topics: Logos And Roadshows

…And bears, oh my.  There's no denying it at this point, I think we could post the dinner menu from the cafeteria of that shiny new DC Entertainment office building and it would be sliced and diced for any new tidbit relevant to the DC relaunch.  In fact, I see the specialty of nearby Michaels Bar & […]

Sunday Trending Topics: The Justice League Tumbles Into The Open

Today is a perfect example of why I'm loving the build-up to the new DC: it's the wonderfully unprogrammed way the information has unspooled out onto the internet. You never know when some new tidbit is going to surface in some corner of the world. Often in this corner, and sometimes in some unexpected place […]

Tuesday Trending Topics: Clothes Make The Superman

As I post this I'm watching @jimlee00 talk to fans about the costume redesigns of the DC relaunch, and the conversation seems to sum up a lot of today's BC trends — we care about fashion in our comics every bit as much as we care about it in real life. Today on BC we've […]

Sunday Trending Topics: Marvel As Underdog

It's hard to cast the publisher who has so thoroughly dominated marketshare in recent times as an underdog, but two weeks into the New DC Show they're starting to feel like one, just a little bit. You can sense that fans are waiting for Marvel to punch back. They're like the southpaw boxer who takes […]

Jim Lee And Geoff Johns Talk DC Relaunch On Stage In LA

Jim Lee and Geoff Johns just took the stage to talk about the DC Comics relaunch as part of the LA Times' Hero Complex Film Festival.  There were lots of rumors flying about this event earlier tonite, which I think mirrors the incredible level of interest in what they're attempting to accomplish here. I'm watching Twitter […]

Friday Trending Topics: The Moment We've Been Waiting For

A whirlwind two weeks of rumors, announcements, and speculation. A national tv ad campaign in support of the launch of new DC comics. The world is watching now and will be when the comics come out, and the industry has time to plan for it. All against the backdrop of a full slate of eagerly-anticipated […]

Thursday Trending Topics: Jim Lee Confirms There Will Be No PLOP Reboot

Which  is just as well. It just wouldn't be the same without Basil Wolverton covers, among other things. Still, as Jim Lee also reminded us tonite, they do have Mad. But the point of today's trend is this — that scorecard is pretty full now.  Not many things left to guess. But is it really […]

Jim Lee On The New Design Work Behind the DC Relaunch

And the whirlwind of information keeps coming.  As he promised last night, here's Jim Lee on the DCU blog discussing the new designs behind the new DC, featuring design collaboration with Cully Hamner and VP-Art Direction and Design Mark Chiarello, plus others on the DC team: Months ago, when the decision was made to launch 52 […]

Wednesday Trending Topics: The DC Relaunch Costume Cover-Up

There's been a lot of tweets and blog posts this week devoted to the issue of the redesigns of  female characters  featuring costumes with pants — hilighted most unusually by Zatanna's famous fishnets now being on her arms.  Jim Lee vows that secrets of the costume redesigns will be revealed later today, so perhaps we'll […]

Tuesday Trending Topics: Does DC Have A Hole Card?

52 cards in the deck, not too many left to turn over. As I've been watching the responses to our ever-updating list of DC September title launches, one thing is clear — lots and lots of people are hoping some of their remaining favorites are still among the titles yet to be revealed.  Some of […]