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Jason Inman, The Face Of DC All Access, Has A New Comic Of His Own Now…

Jason Inman writes, “I have this idea for a comic book, but all I have is a name – Jupiter Jet.” That is how my wife, Ashley Victoria Robinson, unwittingly set into motion the events that have brought us here today – launching a Kickstarter campaign for issues #2 – 5 of our very first […]

Did DC Just Spoil The Cyborg Superman Mystery?

DC All Access just released their weekly video on #DCTV and in it host Hector Navarro spoils tonight’s episode of Supergirl… so if you don’t want to know, go away now. . . . . .   In the video Navarro is talking about tonight’s episode of Supergirl and comments on how Hank Henshaw is […]

Ben Percy On How The Current Green Arrow Story Will Connect To Rebirth

Ben Percy talked with Jason Inman of DC All-Access about Green Arrow #52. With the apparent death of GA and Deathstroke transporting Dr. Miracle back to the diseased ravaged Seattle, Percy was asked how much of the current storyline will carry over into Rebirth. The writer explained that he looks at his work on the book […]

Top Ten Batman Comic Fights Of All Time

With the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this weekend, DC All-Access put out their list of the top ten Superman fights of all time. Well, to balance out the scales, they have now released Batman’s top ten fights from the comics and they include most that you’d expect. Battles with The Joker, […]

DC Launches New Comics Related App

DC has launched a new phone app called DC All-Access… where have we heard that name before? The new app showcases a variety of things like their films, upcoming comics, has quizzes and polls and even includes DC themed emojis including some Suicide Squad themed ones.. The video below goes into more detail. To find […]

Top 5 Supergirl Moments From The Comics

With Monday’s debut of the new Supergirl television series, DC All-Access has put together the top 5 spectacular Supergirl moments from the comics. Now I was familiar with a few of them, but two in particular brought up a super power that I never knew the character had… flaming angel wings. Nor did I know […]

Scott Snyder And Greg Capullo Talk Mr. Bloom

Batman writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo chat with DC All-Access about their newest villain Mr. Bloom. Snyder describes the new foe as the thing that grows in the cracks when everything goes wrong in a city. Mr. Bloom made his debut in Batman #43 which includes a possibly shocking ending. The issue also […]

SDCC ’15 Scott Snyder Reveals Secrets at DC All Access

Peter S. Svensson writes for Bleeding Cool. So, the DC Entertainment All Access Panel was pretty much just a series of trailers for DC products, with some commentary by DC All Access host Tiffany Smith, (you know, from DC’s webshow that everyone in the room claimed to have watched but we all know most of […]

Tiffany Smith Sings Every Playable Character In Lego Batman 3

Tiffany Smith, the co-host of DC All-Access, has done something unique. In the style of the Animaniacs, she has sung the name of all 217 playable characters in the Lego Batman 3 video game. That includes all the variations on Batman and Superman and special guests Kevin Smith and Jim Lee. [youtube]https://youtu.be/F32ts1xix-Y[/youtube]

Flash Villain Or Cupcake… No Seriously

Well, this is just silly… but it’s kind of fun too. DC All-Access has made up this little trivia video to see if you can guess which names are part of The Flash’s Rogues Gallery and which are flavors of cup cakes. I got one wrong… Names like: Rainbow Raider, Cherry Bomb, Tar Pit, The […]

Win A Signed Batman: Court Of Owls Book And Mask Set

In the latest DC All-Access we get a first look at the upcoming Batman vs Robin animated movie, a tease of some upcoming comics and a look at the schedule of Digital First comics with Hank Kanalz. But the most important thing is at the end when they tell us how to win a signed Court […]

Fish Mooney Rallies The Prisoners As She Is Picked As The Bad Apple Of The Week

DC All-Access has released their video looking at the DC related television shows for the week as host Jason Inman and Rotten Tomatoes Editor-in-Chief Matt Atchity look at what’s coming up for Gotham, The Flash and Arrow. They also have an exclusive clip of Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith) addressing the other prisoners as she tries to […]

DC All-Access Looks At This Week In DC TV

DC All-Access has released a video focusing on the DC slate of TV shows for the week: Gotham, The Flash, Arrow and Constantine and includes exclusive clips from Gotham and Constantine. Host Tiffany Smith talks with Rotten Tomatoes‘ EIC Matt Atchity about the series and who will be their first Bad Apple of the Week. [youtube]http://youtu.be/d05UwLVUvN4[/youtube]

DC All-Access Blooper Reel

DC’s in house promotional video series, DC All-Access, has been going for a while now and with any type of show you are bound to get bloopers… this video shows they get plenty of bloopers and they involved some of the biggest names in and around comics like John Romita Jr, Dan Didio, Kevin Smith, […]

Wil Wheaton To Co-Host DC All-Access

Last week it was Kevin Smith, this week DC All-Access has wrangled in Nerd-Elite Wil Wheaton to co-host their show. Wheaton of course burst into the pop culture world with hi portrayal of Wesley Chrusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He’s also stayed in the spotlight with guest shots on Leverage, The Big Bang […]

75 Years Of Batman – A Visual History

DC All-Access has put together a visual history of Batman through the years in a two-minute video. It’s interesting to see as the character progresses where he went from the original design to the more campy then when the yellow circle as added and Neal Adams came on board and then Frank Miller to know. […]

Arrow Special Feature Clip From Season 2

Arrow Season 2 hits stores today on DVD and Blu-ray, but yesterday DC All-Access gave us a behind the scenes look at the mythology of the series. So here’s something for you to look at while you are at work waiting for your day to end so you can go buy the season. And if […]

Tim Sale Talks Long Halloween For Batman 75th

DC All Access had a short interview with Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory artist Tim Sale in honor of the 75th anniversary with guest appearance by the Flash… and the Flash… and the Flash… [youtube]http://youtu.be/IfyCL2x-ldw[/youtube]

DC Previews Batman Beyond Short by Darwyn Cooke

Before it’s debut this weekend at Wondercon, DC’s All Access has a preview for the new Batman Beyond short done by Darwyn Cooke. Cooke is best known for his The New Frontier series that became an animated feature… [youtube]http://youtu.be/t0HVPmRSD3c[/youtube]