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“Dune”: 1984 Star Kyle MacLachlan Talks 2020 Remake

"Dune": 1984 Star Kyle MacLachlan Talks 2020 Remake

Actor Kyle MacLachlan and director/writer David Lynch have a long history together working on classics like Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, and Dune. With interest peaking in nostalgia, MacLachlan and Lynch got to work together again in 2017's Twin Peaks revival series and Dune is being adapted for the big screen again for 2020 and television […]

The Unoffical “Twin Peaks” Video Game is Available in English Now

The Unoffical "Twin Peaks" Video Game is Available in English Now

Back in 1998, Twin Peaks fans at Human Entertainment created a video game heavily inspired by David Lynch's groundbreaking TV series. That game, called Mizzurna Falls, takes more cues from Lynch than any other Twin Peaks-inspired game, including Alan Wake, Deadly Premonition, or Silent Hill. However, the game has always been inaccessible to most Western Peaks fans because it was only ever released […]

Peggy Lipton, Star of 'Twin Peaks' and 'Mod Squad,' Passes Away, Age 72

Famed television actress Peggy Lipton, known for her iconic roles on television's ground-breaking series The Mod Squad and Twin Peaks, passed away at the age of 72 on Saturday. Lipton was first diagnosed with and treated for colon cancer when she was 56, with doctors discovering a Stage III tunor during a routine colonoscopy. Rashida […]

David Lynch Pens Response Letter to Donald Trump

Filmmaker David Lynch is trying to clarify a thing or two. Yeah, we know, not really something the auteur is usually known for with his creative endeavors, but this time it's important. In a letter posted to his official Facebook page, Lynch clarified his previous comment about President Trump going down in history "as one […]

David Lynch Offers Deeper Insight into Twin Peaks Ending: "This Is the Ending"

If we're to believe the words of David Lynch – and there aren't a lot in his answer to interpret – then it looks like Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and "Laura's" (Sheryl Lee) spiraling "Crisis on Infinite Twin Peaks" courtesy of "Judy" won't be getting a resolution any time soon. Appearing with MacLachlan and Laura Dern (Diane) at […]

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Denis Villeneuve Wants to Do at Least 2 Dune Movies

Director Denis Villeneuve has proven his ability to take a previously existing science fiction property and make it his own. His success (yeah yeah, box office, blah blah) with Blade Runner 2049 signaled to many that perhaps he really is the right person to bring the Frank Herbert classic Dune back to the big screen. During an appearance at the Rendez-Vous […]

The Weekly Static Interviews: Patrick Fischler of Happy! and Twin Peaks

While I was getting myself acquainted with Patrick Fischler's filmography, one thing came to mind pretty quickly: he's clearly an actor who refuses to be typecast, with a versatility to his craft that's made that possible. Fischler is definitely not a stranger to genre films and television, with 2017 being a particularly strong year for […]

Twin Peaks: Mark Frost Will Break Your Hearts, Audrey Horne Fans

If you're a Twin Peaks fan like I am, you might've found the third season a little lacking when it came to David Lynch and Mark Frost getting us up to speed on the happenings of our favorite Twin Peaks residents for the past 25+ years. Some characters were never shown or barely mentioned, while […]


Twin Peaks: Mark Frost, Showtime Still Open To Season 4

The road to a possible fourth season of Twin Peaks is taking as many twists and turns as the back roads of the northwest, as Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost said in an interview on Thursday that the door hasn't been closed yet on more Peaks and that a fourth season is something that's being […]

Twin Peaks: David Lynch Talks Bowie, Jeffries, And Giant Tea Kettles

It's been a few weeks since the season/series finale of Twin Peaks's third season, and I believe most of us are finally coming around to actually thinking about the series as a whole and then dissect it into thematic parts. For me, it's looking back a number of things about this season that I still […]


The Weekly Static S01E05: 'Crybaby' Hulk Hogan, Star Trek: Trump, And More!

Before we get started, I wanted to break the fourth wall for a sec and pull back the curtain on how exactly the cheeseburger we call The Weekly Static actually makes it to the plate, so to speak. I think of each episode of The Weekly Static as my own little Frankenstein's Monster…but it's editors […]

David Lynch's Response To 'Twin Peaks' Season 4 As Vague As Finale

The second most-asked question after the final credits rolled on Twin Peaks' third season/series finale was, "Is there going to be a fourth season?" (with the first most-asked question being, "…what?"). Well, it looks like we might've gotten at least some form of an answer from series co-creator David Lynch – as well as his […]

Twin Peaks Parts 17 And 18 Recap: After 27 Years, Was It Really Worth It?

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's final recap of Twin Peaks Season 3, as we examine the two-part season/series finale and also begin to take a look at the series overall — from the perspective of a David Lynch fan and from the perspective of a Twin Peaks fan. After watching the entire run of Season 3, I've […]


The Weekly Static (9/8/17): A Look Back At This Week In TV Land

Some serious business to get to first: love and healthy vibes go out to everyone who's been impacted or are about to be impacted by Hurricane Irma. Please get the hell out if you haven't done so already, and make sure to use social media to check in with your family and friends. You're all […]

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Playing With Fire: Join Bleeding Cool's 'Twin Peaks' Finale LIVE-BLOG!

Welcome to Playing With Fire: Twin Peaks S03E17 – The past dictates the future./S03E18 – What is your name?, Bleeding Cool's liveblog play-by-play of Sunday night's season/series finale on Showtime. I'm going to be sharing with you a bunch of my thoughts, opinions and random off-topic comments that end-up bouncing around in my head, so […]

Twin Peaks Season 3, Part 16 Recap: "I AM The FBI."

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's recap of Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 15: 'No knock, no doorbell.', our second-to-last edition of your friendly neighborhood recap series before the show's two-hour season/series finale on Sunday, September 3rd at 8:00 p.m. EST. We've got two hours left for what appears to be a major showdown brewing in and […]

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Playing With Fire: Join Us As We LIVEBLOG 'Twin Peaks' Part 16!

Welcome to Playing With Fire: Twin Peaks S03E16 – No knock, no doorbell., Bleeding Cool's liveblog play-by-play of Sunday night's episode on Showtime. I'm going to be sharing with you a bunch of my thoughts, opinions and random off-topic comments that end-up bouncing around in my head, so make sure to let me know what […]

Twin Peaks Season 3, Part 15 Recap: 'It's A Change, Not An End.'

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's recap of Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 15: 'There's some fear in letting go.', where some of our theories came closer to being confirmed, our players are getting closer to convening on Twin Peaks…and we said a final, loving goodbye to the mystical heart of the Twin Peaks universe. You'll find […]