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Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Poster

Check Out the First Six Episodes of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Now

Star Wars Kids officially launched today, and you can watch the first six episodes of the animated short series Galaxy of Adventures right now. Aimed as entry points for young padawans, these first shorts will features story content from the original trilogy, with more shorts debuting in December featuring other characters from the saga. More […]

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Poster

Lucasfilm Announces New Star Wars Animated Series Galaxy of Adventures

Young Star Wars fans are going to have a new animated series to devour starting this Friday. Launching along with a new Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, Galaxy of Adventures will feature characters, sounds, ships, and pivotal moments from the original trilogy in short bursts as entry points into the saga for young ones. The […]

Gentle Giant Darth Vader ESB Cave Statue

New Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back Statue Up For Order From Gentle Giant

Darth Vader has a new statue coming out from Gentle Giant in 2019. This one will be based on his appearance on Dagobah in the cave Yoda has Luke Skywalker enter to face his fears from the Empire Strikes Back. The statue is in the 1:8 scale and features great sculpting work and detail, and […]

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader's Castle 1

LEGO Star Wars Fans Can Order Darth Vader’s Castle on Amazon Tomorrow

LEGO Star Wars fans rejoice: we have a most impressive set to build! Set 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle will be up for preorder exclusively on Amazon tomorrow, October 4th. Clocking in at 1,060 pieces, Vader’s Castle. located on Mustafar, will come with five minifigs, the castle itself, and a TIE Fighter. All sorts of goodies […]

LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City 1

LEGO Goes to Cloud City for New Star Wars Set

LEGO fans have a new Ultimate Collectors Series set to add to their Star Wars collection. Revealed this morning officially, the Betrayal at Cloud City set, number 75222, will be available this October. Coming in at a staggering 2,812 bricks, it features 18 minifigures and two droids. Four different sections will make up the set, […]

Darth Vader Annual #2 Review: A Brutal Prequel to Rogue One

Grand Moff Tarkin discovers Darth Vader scouring the data vaults on Scarif. Vader wants to know about Project Stardust, but Tarkin isn’t happy about this intrusion. Tarkin, with the help of the Emperor, informs Lord Vader that he is to assist Tarkin in any way he can, and this leads the Dark Lord to Geonosis, […]

Star Wars #50 cover by Travis Charest

Star Wars #50 Review: Hope Dies Around a Star

The Rebel Alliance finally has a fleet. With the help of the Mon Cal, the Rebels can now pose a genuine threat to the Empire. It is still miniscule in comparison to the Imperial armada, but, with precision and cunning, it could be enough to damage the Empire. The fleet is convened at Mako-Ta, where […]

Darth Vader #9 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Francesco Mattina

Darth Vader #9 Review: The Dark Lord vs the Librarian

Darth Vader has been alerted to the infiltration of former Jedi Archivist Jocasta Nu. The Jedi has already confronted the Grand Inquisitor, whom is intent on slaying her. Vader cannot allow this on the orders of the Emperor himself. The Dark Lord must intervene, but Jocasta may have some tricks up her sleeve. The Jocasta […]

Darth Vader From Empire Strikes Back Coming From Hot Toys

Darth Vader is getting a new Hot Toys release from Empire Strikes Back. This release will not be shipping until this time next year, but you can preorder it now. This is the version of the Dark Lord of the Sith I have been waiting for from them. The Darth Vader Sixth Scale Collectible Figure specially features: Authentic […]

Star Wars Thrawn Alliances Cover

Thrawn Teams Up With Darth Vader In New Star Wars Novel

Thrawn is teaming up with Darth Vader. No, not on TV or film, but in a new novel from writer Timothy Zahn. Thrawn: Alliances is due to be published on June 26th, 2018 from Del Rey. It will be a sequel to this year’s highly successful novel Thrawn. That is an awesome cover. The novel […]

Darth Vader #8 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Francesco Mattina

Darth Vader #8 Review: Seriously, That Meditation Scene

Former Jedi Master Archivist Jocasta Nu has returned to Coruscant in search of an important entry in the Jedi Archives. Despite her best efforts, her arrival does not go unnoticed by the forces of the Empire. Before long, Darth Vader himself is made privy to an intruder. This issue provides a new lesson in restraint […]

Darth Vader #7 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Francesco Mattina

Darth Vader #7 Review: The Importance Of Education

Darth Vader has been put in charge of training the Inquisitors in the art of lightsaber dueling, and his lessons have been harsh and memorable. The Grand Inquisitor is eager to begin hunting Jedi, and the Emperor has sent forth a list of preliminary targets for the Inquisitors. Among the selected is a peculiar target […]

star wars funko pop

Star Wars Gets Some Innovative New Funko Pops Exclusive To Walmart

Star Wars is going to be the guinea pig for a new kind of Funko Pop. It’s kind of exciting! This is a direction I was hoping they would go with Pops. Not just with Star Wars — with quite a few things. As with most things, though, Star Wars lends itself more to this sort […]

Darth Vader #6 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Francesco Mattina

Darth Vader #6 Review: Darth Vader Versus Grand Inquisitor

Darth Vader has been wounded in his most recent missions, but the Emperor allows no time for rest and recovery. As such, Lord Vader immediately sets about repairing his suit. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure enters the Jedi Temple, searching for the grand library. Vader detects this and seeks out this intruder. As you could see […]

mighty muggs marvel

Mighty Muggs Are Back, And We Are All In On Them!

Mighty Muggs were all the rage before Funko Pops were a thing. I have very fond memories of going into Walmarts and Targets and almost always finding new figures on shelves. Man, the feeling of finding the ever-elusive exclusives always brought a sense of accomplishment. They were also a precursor to a lot of what […]

[Breaking] Grand Admiral Thrawn Novel Sequel Featuring Darth Vader

Coming out of New York Comic Con and reported by Bleeding Cool’s very own Hugh Sheridan, a new Star Wars novel about Grand Admiral Thrawn novel has already been written Timothy Zahn, who wrote the prior novel released earlier this year. It will follow up the previous Thrawn novel, and will feature the Grand Admiral teaming up with […]