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Elizabeth Banks to Direct, Star in ‘Invisible Woman’ at Universal

Elizabeth Banks will direct and star in Invisible Woman for Universal Studios. She pitched the film, with a script being written by Erin Cressida Wilson (Girl on the Train). This will not however cross over with the new Invisible Man film coming in February starring Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. That film was a co-production […]

Robert Kirkman, Skybound Bring Dracula's Henchman 'Renfield' to the Big Screen

Robert Kirkman, Skybound Bring Dracula’s Henchman ‘Renfield’ to the Big Screen

Robert Kirkman and his company Skybound Productions will help produce a new film for Universal titled Renfield. Renfield is Dracula’s assistant, and the film is based on a pitch made by Kirkman. Dexter Fletcher will helm the project, coming off vast success with Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman. He took over the Queen biopic after the […]

There Could Be Some Life Left in the Dark Universe

The last we heard about the Dark Universe, the Bride of Frankenstein was put on hold and Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan were exiting the franchise. That was at the end of last year, and everyone has been assuming that the Dark Universe is done. After The Mummy critically bombed and only did okay at […]


In Defense Of The Mummy – An Origin Story Of An Anti-Hero

I’m starting to think that we live in a world where people want to either love or hate everything. Things are either awesome or horrible with no middle ground. I’ve seen it a lot with film and television, people talking about things in superlatives that just don’t deserve it. A couple recent examples are Marvel’s […]

Dark Nights: Metal #3 cover by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia

‘Dark Nights: Metal’ #3 Review: Detective Chimp Shows Up And I’m Happy

Barbatos has held Superman in a mental prison, wherein he fights Barbatos again and again many times over. Thankfully, Wonder Woman and the Flash manage to save him, bringing the Man of Steel to their last holdout in the Oblivion Bar. The bar is run by Nightmaster and Detective Chimp. Kendra Saunders, Nightwing, Robin, Mister […]

The Bride Of Frankenstein Starts Production Early Next Year

The Mummy did not exactly do well at the domestic box office but internationally it did well enough. Universal has made enough money to justify going ahead with the sequels. One of those is going to be Bride of Frankenstein, due out in 2019, with Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon behind the wheel. […]

Dark Nights: Metal #2

The Batman Hater Loves Dark Nights: Metal #2

OK, I’m officially on board with this story now. While the first issue of Dark Nights: Metal was pretty good, I wasn’t ready to proclaim its quality from the rooftops or anything. I wasn’t completely enthralled, but it had merit and deserved some praise for that. That has changed with Metal #2. With the world […]

The Mummy

The Mummy Gets An Honest Trailer – Run, Tom Cruise, Run!

In a moment of coincidental timing, I was just watching the new Honest Trailer for The Mummy starring Tom Cruise when I got a package delivered that included a Blu-ray copy of The Mummy. This film was supposed to be the launch of Universal’s new Dark Universe that stars, as they say in the trailer, […]


‘The Mummy’ Is Now A Hit, Thanks To The Chinese Box Office

The Mummy is, for lack of a better phrase, not dead. Now that the import ban on western movies has finally come down, the lucrative Chinese Box Office is saving several movies from oblivion. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is reportedly doing very well there, but it probably won’t be enough to […]

Mummy Director Alex Kurtzman Not Sure About Future With Dark Universe

In a recent interview with IGN, Mummy (2017) director Alex Kurtzman was asked about his status on the Dark Universe franchise. The Dark Universe, for those who don’t know, is the Marvel Studios-esque “shared universe” idea that Universal Pictures is trying with the classic “Universal Monsters” like Dracula, the Wolfman, the Invisible Man, and the aforementioned Mummy. This was intended […]

Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Matter Panel Talks Dark Multiverse Dangers

Bleeding Cool reporter Joe Glass writes: The panel to look at DC’s impending mega event, Dark Nights: Metal, and beyond at the Dark Matter line of titles, shapes up at SDCC 2017. With Metal’s creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, alongside Dark Matter contributors Steve Orlando, Philip Tan, James Tynion IV, Robert Venditti and more […]

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[RUMOR] Channing Tatum Sought After For Dark Universe Van Helsing

Floating around the Hollywood Reporter and JoBlo is a rumor that Magic Mike, 21/22 Jump Street, and Hateful Eight actor Channing Tatum is being eyed for the role of Van Helsing in the upcoming Dark Universe shared continuity of movies by Universal Studios. This is almost a bit of a surprise, given the absolute flop that the recent Mummy film turned out to […]

The Mummy Review: A Desiccated Corpse Held Together By Flimsy Bandages

Some films usher in the start of a great franchise future, like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe kicking off with Iron Man. Others come off less stellar, like the recent King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which was meant to be the start of a series of Arthurian films, that seems to have done so poorly that […]

‘Bride Of Frankenstein’ Will Have A “Relatable Relationship”

The Dark Universe is a thing that’s going to happen regardless of what kind of movie The Mummy actually was. At this point there are too many plates up in the air, contacts signed, that it doesn’t really matter if no one likes this first one. The next movie we’re getting is Bride of Frankenstein […]

‘The Mummy’ Review: Bogged Down By Exposition And Generic Action

The Mummy wants to be a horror movie, an action movie, and kick off an entire universe at the time same — and accomplishes none of those things. Director: Alex Kurtzman Summary: An ancient princess is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human […]

Tom Cruise Introduces Final Sneak Peek At The Mummy

Some folks who have seen the new Mummy movie have been talking about it. And while I’m not a Tom Cruise hater, I did laugh when one guy said: “You will greatly enjoy seeing Cruise violently thrown off every edge of the screen.” This feels like a very different role for Cruise than his usually […]

Universal Adds Two More Monsters To Their Dark Universe

Universal’s new Dark Universe kicks off this Friday with the Tom Cruise lead film The Mummy. The Dark Universe is a shared cinematic universe based around the classic Universal monster films and has four more reboots planned. Now Universal has added two more monsters to the list. In the works is Bride of Frankenstein with […]