Dark Matter

Is Wonder Woman Getting A New Costume For Dark Nights: Metal?

Last week, we showed you some art Greg Capullo has been working on for the upcoming super-mega-crossover event Dark Nights: Metal, the super-mega-crossover event of the Summer with writer Scott Snyder that will lead into the Dark Matter line of books, as foretold by the great prophet Danstrodidimos: ACTION ACTION ACTION! #METAL pic.twitter.com/99psCtO2XS — Greg […]

Take A Look Inside Dark Days: The Forge

DC Comics is currently in the midst of a big editorial shake-up, dividing its comics publishing line into three kingdoms, each ruled by its own Executive Editor reporting to Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras. Pat McCallum heads up DC's superhero publishing line, while Mark Doyle takes control of Vertigo and Young Animal, and Bobbie Chase oversees everything […]

Jim Lee's Cover For Dark Days: The Forge Brings Metallic Foil Covers Back To DC

Back in January (pip pip), when talking about what we then knew as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman-centric Metal Summer Event comic, Bleeding Cool Rumormonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston wrote: Come August, someone will get to have them all. And hey, maybe that metallic foil that DC Comics has been stockpiling may come in handy for […]

Greg Capullo Shows Off Wonder Woman From DC #Metal

Superstar artist Greg Capullo has revealed art for the upcoming Dark Nights: Metal super-mega-crossover-event comic. If you're wondering which one that is again, that's understandable. DC has more than half a dozen separate brandings for their Summer publishing initiative: Dark Days, Dark Nights, Dark Matter, Metal, Master Class, The New Age Of DC Heroes… They're utilizing the […]

DC's Dark Matter Titles Will Hold The Line At $2.99, Come With Only One Cover

DC is holding their "Special Event" panel at C2E2 tonight, billed as: "This is the panel everyone will be talking about!" Dan DiDio, Tony Daniel, James Tynion IV, Rob Venditti are scheduled to appear at the panel which DC calls "can't miss," and Bleeding Cool has reporter Robert Goode on the scene, sending in updates, and you can […]

Does Rob Liefeld Approve Of DC's Dark Matter Publishing Initiative?

  A lot of complex factors go into the measure of a comic book publisher's success. Are sales good? Are new readers coming on board for the long haul? Does the publishing line appeal to a wide and diverse audience? Is the publisher trying to get comic book store employees to dress up like Hydra? […]

Dark Matter Can Techno-babble With The Best Of Them

The recently renewed Syfy series Dark Matter is having its second season finale this week and the network has released this clip which includes some top-level techno-babble. Dark Matter is based on the graphic novel by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Millie. In Dark Matter, the crew of a derelict spaceship is awakened from stasis with no […]

Syfy Stars Share Their Weird School Traditions

Syfy put a featurette together asking stars of their shows like Van Helsing, Incorporated, The Expanse and Wynonna Earp if they had an interesting school traditions growing up. I'm not exactly sure if this connects to any of the shows, but the actors came up with some pretty odd and funny traditions to share. Melanie Liburd of […]

Dark Matter And Killjoys Get Third Season Renewals

Syfy announced yesterday that their two Friday night series Dark Matter and Killjoys will be returning for a third season. Killjoys wraps up its second season tonight while Dark Matter has two episodes next week and then the finale on September 16th. The two series are part of the networks push to bring science fiction […]