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First Clip From The Dark Knight Returns Gets Iconic

As well as showing off the CG-fuelled car animation, this first clip from the animated version of The Dark Knight Returns takes us to what I'd imagine is the most widely seen image of Frank Miller's original. Doesn't look too bad, does it?

Tuesday Trending Topics: The Dark Knight Reprised

Over 25 years later and I still found myself looking for the familiar notes in this trailer — and finding quite a few.  As the debate in the forum suggests, it's not an exact match to the Frank Miller original in terms of tone and texture, and I really wasn't expecting it to be. But […]

Trailer For The Dark Knight Returns Movie Adaptation, Part One

Here's the first trailer for The Dark Knight Returns. Like The Hobbit, this is going to be split into two movies. Okay, not like The Hobbit. But it's worth pointing out, this trailer is just for the first film, the first half of the story. Peter Weller is providing the voice of Batman, and very […]

Peter Weller Is Batman In Two-Film Adaptation Of The Dark Knight Returns

The upcoming Warner Premiere and DC Entertainment release of The Dark Knight Returns has been a long time coming, though I believe you heard about it here first. Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's comic has been divided into two films for this adaptation, the first of which will be released later this year, the second […]

Vampires, Superman And The Dark Knight Returns At WonderCon

Raymond Brown writes for Bleeding Cool at WonderCon from the Vertigo and Superman panels. Vertigo: The New Blood The panelists for the Vertigo panel were senior editor Will Dennis, writer Scott Snyder and artist Dustin Nguyen. Dennis discussed several upcoming Vertigo releases.  To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fables, Vertigo will be rereleasing the first […]

Help Me, Selina Kyle, The Bad Man Has Stolen My Apple

What's going on in these pictures from the set of The Dark Knight Rises? According to eye witness reports from a couple of Little Bleeders, some bad men steal a little boys apple and Selina Kyle steps in to rough them up and take it back. She's not just some goody-goody, though, and helps herself […]

Monday Trending Topics: The Dark Knight Returns… Returns

San Diego Comic Con is over, but its announcements live on. Today we have some of the later-breaking news items from the show bubbling up to the top. Looking forward to seeing Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns animated. Warner Bros Animation is on a roll. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Lots Of Art From DC's […]

It's The Dark Knight Returns Spoiler Casting Time

Those paying attention may already have pieced together some of the plot of The Dark Knight Rises. They may also have gotten it wrong. This new piece of casting news, however, doesn't need any extra interpretation to just be a spoiler in its own right. It's just something immediately, obviously interesting. And sure, we're not […]

Sunday Runaround – The Byrne Origin Of Robin

ByrneWatch: From the boards; Since when is Robin a girl? •• Since I suggested it to Frank on a flight back from a convention in Atlanta, one year, and a wee while later he used the idea in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. PadWatch: Now the Kindle yaoi censorship spreads to heterosexual content too. ThorWatch: Pagans […]

Friday Trending Topics: Hunt The Dark Knight

I've been watching vintage comic and comic art prices run up for the past 20 years, and it still feels pretty damn strange to live in a world where a single comic book can go for $1.5 million, and a post-1980 page of interior comic book art can go for $450,000. There are 10 splash […]

Thursday Trending Topics: The Dark Knight Returns, Once Again

Reboots, returns, and re-dos dominated the conversation today. Interest in the air about that Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer, and anticipation for that The Dark Knight Returns animated film. And there's always Rob Granito.  Here's what people looked at here today: Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Who On Earth Is Rob Granito? (UPDATE) […]