Dark Knight III

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What That Last Page Of Dark Knight III #1 Might Look Like (SPOILERS)

Earlier this week, we ran an interview with Frank Miller where he talked about the plot and themes of Dark Knight III: The Master Race, revealing the relevance of the title. While CBR and DC decided to spoil the final page of the first issue instead with a really big twist. Well, in for a […]

November Will Be Star Wars: Vader Down Vs. Dark Knight III (SPOILERS)

Bleeding Cool has looked at how Marvel utterly dominated the direct comics marketplace in October with its relaunch. But also that the relaunch increased the size of the overall pie, so everyone made lots of money, even as DC’s share shrunk. But in November, DC Comics has Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1. With […]

Lots Of Pages From Dark Knight III And Retailer Covers Too – Screencapped

Thanks to DC All Access video above…here are a bunch of screencaps of pages from the upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson. And a bunch of retailer exclusive covers, many not yet seen… Let’s start with pages…   And then covers!

Frank Miller Draws Superman And The Atom For Dark Knight III

Bleeding Cool told you that Frank Miller‘s written-and-drawn mini-comic for The Dark Knight III: The Master Race would feature The Atom. Looks like it features Superman as well, according to this cover released by DC Comics… doing his best Slaine-style Berserker Fury…   The mini-comic is co-written with Brian Azzarello, inked by Klaus Janson and coloured by […]

The Very First Retailer Exclusive Covers From DC Comics For Dark Knight III

It began with IDW and the launch of their Godzilla series. Since then a number of publishers have made retailer exclusive variants of their covers available, in which a retailer will order many more copies of a comic than they would generally order. Sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands. And they will get a cover of their […]