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Champagne Supernova – Leaving New York

Keith Champagne writes; Last week, I took my final antibiotic horse pill and, while I’m still prone to uncontrollable fits of bronchial coughing (especially late at night when the rest of the world is sleeping), they’ve tapered off considerably. I think that, combined with the fact that I’ve run out of medication to take means […]

Thirty-Three Thoughts About Thirty-Three Comics – Young Avengers, Tom Strong, Nova, Secret Avengers, Now What?, Haunted Horror, Justice League Dark, Great Pacific, Satellite Sam, Sex Criminals, Uncanny Avengers, Pretty Deadly, Judge Dredd, Velvet, Infinity Hunt, Conan, Infinity Heist, Larfleez, Savage Wolverine, Rat Queens, Massive, Doctor Who, Rocketeer/Spirit, Samurai Jack, Mind MGMT, Kiss Me Satan, Zombie War, Fever Ridge, Dark Horse Presents, Vampirella, Army Of Darkness/Reanimator and Thunderbolts

Another week, a lovely load of comic books! The Gay Blade does seem to suit the long beard and hair in when talking to a created-by-Alan-Moore character in today’s Tom Strong, doesn’t he? Today’s lesson. When fighting Nova, don’t call his mother a cow. Simples. Don’t worry new Inhuman-in-Secret-Avengers, there are worst places you could […]

BC Mag #1: Twenty Years Later: Dark Horse Re-Imagines And Re-Enters Super Hero Comics

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Kate Kotler. This past January, Dark Horse announced the first reappearance of Ghost – a CGW character which hadn’t been seen since 1998 – in issue 13 of Dark Horse Presents. To many industry insiders, this seemed reason to speculate that Richardson and Dark Horse might be getting ready to take a shot at […]

Countdown To The Eisners by Cameron Hatheway: Anthology And Comedy

Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool; Another week comes and goes on Bleeding Cool, and now let us cease our mindless bickering about what forces are at work destroying comics, and focus on celebrating some damn good ones instead. This week we’ll be looking at Best Anthology and Best Humor Publication. If you need a […]

Is This The Greatest Dark Horse Presents Ever?

Yesterday, from Dark Horse Comics, came the eighth issue of Dark Horse Presents. Now over the years, that series has seen the birth of the likes of Concrete, The Mask, Hellboy, Sin City, Next Men and so much more. It has an unquestionable pedigree. But what makes today’s issue quite so special? Well, first it has a […]

Steampunk Sword Orphan Cult Assassins – A Look at Amala’s Blade

This February, Dark Horse Presents will kick off a brand-new feature, Amala’s Blade, from writer Steve Horton and artist Michael Dialynas. I had a chance to catch up with the duo, and here’s how that conversation went down. Where did the idea come from – did one of you come up with it, pitch it […]

Dark Horse Confirms Becky Cloonan And Brian Wood On Conan

At the New York Comic Con Retailer’s Breakfast, courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors, Dark Horse confirmed the Bleeding Cool story that Brain Wood and Becky Cloonan are the new creative team on Conan. They will be adapting the classic Queen Of The Black Coast story. Dark Horse also announced that Brian Wood’s The Massive will […]