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Top and Bottom 5 Comics of August 29th, 2018: X-Men Soars, Nightwing Trips

We’ve come to the end of another week. The Hunt for Wolverine reached its Dead Ends, Rick and Morty fought D&D, and Nightwing, Daredevil, Batgirl, and Red Hood and the Outlaws all had annuals. What were the best and worst of the week? I dunno, I haven’t decided yet. Read it below to find out. Wins 1. X-Men: Blue #34 The House always […]

Modern Fantasy #3 cover by Kristen Gudsnuk

Modern Fantasy #3 Review: Adorable, Funny, Exciting

Sage and her friends begin their training to save the world from the fire demon they expect to be summoned on the last equinox. They begin with training videos, but they don’t go well. Instead, they go the local gym and work on their skills there. Meanwhile, Gundra begins visiting Spenser at work and causing […]

Modern Fantasy #2 cover by Kristen Gudsnuk

Modern Fantasy #2 [Late] Review: Bailing Out Your Goblin Friends

Sage explains the history of the amulet Fentax stole as well as its power and the potential danger if it gets in the wrong hands. Then she, Darquin, Wizard Lizard, and Gondra set out to save Fentax from Fawn and his criminal organization. The target location is a power plant, and they arrive at night. […]

Blackwood #4 cover by Veronica Fish

Blackwood #4 Review: A Somber and Understated Ending

Blackwood is under siege by Grace and her insect horde. She’s trying to summon a goddess through a portal over the campus. Try their best to hold off the bugs, and the three students make it into Ogden’s office. The three look through Ogden’s things and find an arsenal to use against Grace’s bugs. It’s […]

Blackwood #3 cover by Veronica Fish

Blackwood #3 [Late] Review: Twisted, Charming, and Engaging

faculty identify the body and return to the school. However, a swarm of large insects attack their bus and run them off the road. Two more of the faculty are hurt, but the rest make it back to Blackwood. The remaining three students find Ogden’s coat, and a professor loses his fingers trying to get […]

Black Hammer: Age of Doom #4 cover by Dean Ornstom and Dave Stewart

Black Hammer: Age of Doom #4 Review – Lair of the Dragonfly

Lucy discovered that Madame Dragonfly and Colonel Weird are behind the heroes being trapped in this small farm town. Meanwhile, Abe and the Barbalien have a heart-to-heart about their current situation and love lives. Barbalien tries to get Abe to just accept that things are going well. However, Golden Gail is about to make a […]

Comics for Your Pull Box August 29th, 2018: We Reach the Dead Ends

Wednesday approaches once again, and that means its time to figure out what comics are worthy of your pull box. Check out Bleeding Cool’s suggestions below. Plus, here is a link to ComicList’s full catalog of comic releases. Beyonders #1 Another new AfterShock title, Beyonders comes from Paul Jenkins and Wesley St. Claire. It tells the story of a boy obsessed […]

Comics For Your Pull Box, August 15th, 2018: The Jinxworld Begins Anew

We’re back with this too! Comics for Your Pull Box lives! Bleeding Cool is here to sift through the release list and give you some books worth checking out. In addition, here’s a link to ComicList, the website I primarily use for this article, for you to look at the full catalog. Let’s get started. […]

She Could Fly #2 cover by Martin Morazzo and Miroslav Mrva

She Could Fly #2 Review: Devastating and Wonderful

Luna struggles to stay awake and focused in class while people begin to search for Bill/Earl across Chicago. Luna’s counseling sessions aren’t going well either, and she has a disastrous experience going to work with her dad. She later has a breakdown when accompanying her mother to a religious meeting. Worse yet, her grandmother goes […]

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Artist Gabriel Bá Offers Look at Netflix Series Adaptation

Though Netflix‘s television series adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá‘s Dark Horse comic book series The Umbrella Academy isn’t set to premiere on the streaming service until 2019, Bá is releasing exclusive artwork to give fans a sense of what to expect from the upcoming series. Here’s a look at the first edition, released through the […]

Predator: Hunters II #1 cover by Agustin Padilla

Predator: Hunters II #1 Review – Not Worth Hunting Down

An execution of a CIA agent in Afghanistan by militants is interrupted by a Predator, whom kills the militants. The Predator Hunters lose most of their members, leaving them with a skeleton crew. They get ahold of the recording of the attempted execution and catch a glimpse of the Predator. The team leaves for Afghanistan […]

The Seeds #1 cover by David Aja

The Seeds #1 Review: Honest and Upliftingly Depressing

A wall has been erected in the city. On one side, there are those who want to keep using technology. On the other, there are the Neo-Luddites, people who don’t want to use modern technology anymore. The world is ailing, and it looks like won’t last much longer for either side of the wall. Astra […]

Aliens: Dust to Dust #2 cover by Gabriel Hardman and Rain Beredo

Aliens: Dust to Dust #2 Review – Cover-to-Cover Intensity

A xenomorph bust out of Maxon’s mother’s chest as the escape shuttle struggles to climb out of the storm. The creature scampers through the shuttle, and the passengers panic to kill it. The craft stabilizes, and the pilots come back to assess the situation. They calm the situation as best as they can, but things […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of July 11th, 2018: Superman Begins Anew

Wednesday draws near, and that means it’s time for another installment of Comics for Your Pull Box. We have a ton of major releases this week, but here at Bleeding Cool we are going to try and narrow it down to the absolute must-haves and must-tries. Here is the link to the full Comic List […]