Dark Devotion

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" Is Apparently Doing Away With Loot Boxes

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases For October 22-28, 2019

We're on our way out of October soon, but before we hit Halloween, we got a number of video game releases to get to. A few of them heavy hitters. Check out the full list of games below, choose your titles wisely, and as always, have fun! October 22nd Beholder 2 (PS4) Bonfire (PS4) Day […]

Dark Devotion Receives a Release Window for Early 2019

Dark Devotion received a brand new boss trailer today, which revealed that game will be coming out sometime in early 2019. This game has been on our radar ever since PAX East last year, as a dark and cryptic indie action-adventure Metroidvania-esq title developed by Hibernian Workshop and being published by The Arcade Crew and Maple Whispering […]

Feeling the Weight of the World in Dark Devotion

Sometimes, when you're a media person covering events like PAX East, your appointments fly by fast and you get some time to check out other cool stuff along the way to getting to other appointments. Such is the case with Dark Devotion, as I briefly tried it out on Friday morning. The game itself is an […]

Dark Devotion

Crawling the Swampy Depths in Dark Devotion is Harder Than It Looks

Hibernian Workshop and The Arcade Crew's Dark Devotion had a playable demo at PAX East this year which showed off the rogue-like RPG with some scenic ambiance in the form of booth attendees dressed like monks. Which is the perfect backdrop for a game where you collect Faith currency (used to unlock secret paths and secret chests) […]

Dark Devotion Aiming for PC and Console Releases in 2018

Indie development team The Arcade Crew has announced that they will be releasing their first Kickstarter game, Dark Devotion, sometime in 2018 for both PC and console. The game is a product of a small team working out of France by Hibernian Workshop, who put together the dark and eerie indie side-scroller. Check out the official trailer and […]