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Dark Agnes Has A Very Special Skill (Spoilers)

Today sees the release of Dark Agnes #1 from Becky Cloonan and Luca Pizzari, and taking the Robert E Howard 16th century French character and fashioning her into a Red Sonja-type affair not for the first time this has been done) so they can revive that Conan/Red Sonja chemistry for subsequent Serpent-based crossovers. And just […]

Dark Agnes #1 [Preview]

Don't Lose Your Head Over This Preview of Dark Agnes #1

Dark Agnes #1 hits stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Becky Cloonan and Luca Pizzari, answering the outpouring of fan complaints that Marvel simply wasn't milking the Robert E. Howard Conan license nearly enough, with just a half dozen Conan comics published each month. At least, this one doesn't star Conan himself. Yet. A […]