Darby Pop

Bruce Lee Returns to Darby Pop for All-Ages 'Walk of the Dragon'

Following up on the 2016 comic Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises, Darby Pop plans to publish another Bruce Lee one-shot next week by Nicole Dubuc and Brandon McKinney with a cover from John Haun. Called Bruce Lee: The Walk of the Dragon, the all-ages comic is set in the same continuity as The Dragon Rises, but […]

Without Andrew Jackson To Stop Them, Darby Pop Secedes From Comics Union

Ignoring the history lessons imparted on us by President Donald Trump, comic book publisher Darby Pop has decided to break away from its partnership with Magnetic Press and IDW and go solo, according to a report from Newsarama. The publisher previously needed other companies to help get its books into the Diamond monopoly system, but […]

40 Photos And A Recap Of Day 3 Of Stan Lee's Comikaze 2015

By Michele Brittany, SoCal Correspondent Sunday, November 1 marked the third and final day of Stan Lee's Comikaze, held in the West and South Halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Parking on the third day proved challenging; many of the street parking lots have been bulldozed for new buildings, so more attendees were vying […]

Moving Titles – Darby Pop Out, Atomic Robo In

Darby Pop Publishing, a creator owned studio founded by Jeff Kline, had been publishing through IDW, who he had worked for on GI Joe and Transformers comic books, with books such as City: The Mind In The Machine, The 7th Sword and Indestructible. But now it's off, to form a partnership with Magnetic Press for […]

Darby Pop Announces Script Contest Winner For One-Shot Story

By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent After receiving an overwhelming response to their recent writing contest to come up with the best one-shot story about Indestructible character Stingray, Darby Pop has announced their winner. The IDW-distributed publishing company reviewed over 170 scripts as part of their "Break Into Comics" writing contest in […]

Break Into Comics Writing With Darby Pop At IDW's Script Contest

By Michele Brittany If you are an aspiring comic book writer, then opportunity is knocking at your door. Now through Wednesday, October 22, Darby Pop is holding a contest to find the best script for a one-shot issue. Darby Pop, whose titles are distributed through IDW, is looking for an aspiring writer who will spin […]

Comics Experience Offers Portfolio & Writing Reviews at Booth

Kaelyn Kelly-­Colon writes for Bleeding Cool: I've been to a few conventions and I know it isn't unusual to see tables and companies offering portfolio reviews for artists. When I stumbled upon the Comics Experience / Darby Pop at booth #2107, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they also offered reviews for writers. Comics […]

Matchstick Men Writer Eric Garcia To Do Comic Series

Novelist and screenwriter Eric Garcia has teamed up with Javier Fernandez to do a new four issue mini-series called City: The Mind In The Machine from Darby Pop. Garcia is the author of Anonymous Rex, Casual Rex, Hot & Sweaty Rex, Cassandra French's Finishing School For Boys, The Repossession Mambo, and Matchstick Men, which was made into a Ridley Scott film starring Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell. "Practically […]