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Deathstroke #30 cover by Lee Weeks and Brad Anderson

Deathstroke #30 Advance Review: Deathstroke vs Batman Begins

A package is left at a crime scene in Gotham City with Batman's name on it. It has DNA results inside claiming that Damian Wayne, aka Robin, is the son of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke the Terminator. This leads Batman on a collision course with Deathstroke, and that can only end in blood. The comic […]

Super Sons #13 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Adriano Lucas

Super Sons #13 Review: Charming, Fun, and Full of Mommy Issues

Jonathan Kent develops a crush on a girl as his Super Sons ally, Damian Wayne, continues to fit in poorly at their Metropolis-based West-Reeve School. Plus, Jonathan is staying with the Waynes for the weekend! However, Talia al Ghul is in town and wants to bring her son in for an assassination contract. The odd […]

Batman Ninja Gets First Teaser, Images From DC, Warner Bros. Japan

Since it was first announced during New York Comic Con 2017 (NYCC 2017) that Warner Bros. Japan and DC Entertainment would be collaborating on an anime called Batman Ninja, fans who weren't able to attend the convention have been clamoring for some sense of what the film will be about and what visual approach it […]

The Shadow Batman #2 Review: Whiskey And Warfare

The Shadow/Batman #2 Review: Whiskey And Warfare

Issue #2 of the latest Shadow/Batman crossover is here, and it's only getting better. Picking up from where we last left off, we're treated to a fast-paced battle between Damian and a crowd of Dead Men with the pieces of a Batman lookalike scattered among the battlefield. Our boy wonder is quickly overwhelmed, with Bruce […]

Shadow batman

The Shadow/Batman #1 Review: What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Bats

Batman and the Shadow are back with another fabulous team-up, this time with Steve Orlando in complete control of the script. A semi-sequel to the run we had earlier this year, in this six issue run we see the Dark Knight start on unequal footing. Out of Gotham — and seemingly out of luck when […]


DC New 52 Continues To Be Reconstructed In Batman #26

Today's latest issue of Batman is the second part of the big Batman event, The War of Jokes and Riddles by Tom King, Mikel Janín and June Chung. However, it also seems to continue another thing that has been noticed in DC books since Rebirth. Now DC is not unknown for making changes to their […]

It's Damian Wayne Vs Jonathan Kent In The Latest DC Versus

The latest DC Versus is another showdown that I never would've thought of… mainly because I'm a little behind on my reading and I'm not too familiar with Jonathan Kent, the new Superboy and I'm not the biggest Damian Wayne fan. That said… I am fascinated by the potential of this particular battle. We've seen […]

Tom Taylor Talks Injustice 2 Comics As Game Hits Stores

Injustice 2 #6 is out today digitally and features a big set up for the Injustice 2 game that is now available. Writer Tom Taylor talks about what's going on in the sixth issue as Batman, Black Canary and crew scramble to prevent Superman from being broken out of his Red Sun prison. But Superman […]

Ray Fawkes Talks Taking Over Robin: Son Of Batman

Ray Fawkes has taken over the wheel of Robin: Son of Batman and Tiffany Smith of DC All-Access talks to him about the direction of the new series. Fawkes sees the first few issues as pivotal in Damian Wayne's career and life as everyone has plans for the young man while he must survive and […]

SE: NYC '15 – Corporations Are People We Can Punch – The DC You Panel

Derek Trum is sat in today's DC You panel at SE: NYC '15 and reports in… "If corporations are people, they're people we can punch."- Steve Orlando Steve Orlando talked about his relaunch of Midnighter. Covers were shown for first three issues. In issue #3 Midnighter will face off with Multiplex, a villain most recently […]

Son Of Batman – A Comics And Cosplay Movie & Costume Review

By Ian Mageto In this episode Comics and Cosplay host Ian Mageto, also Bleeding Cool's Senior Cosplay correspondent and Bleeding Cosplay columnist, reviews DC's latest animated film Son of Batman. Also he gives his thoughts about the costumes of Deathstroke and Damian Wayne (Robin). *Warning: this video covers slight spoilers from the movie. You can […]

So What Is A Chaos Shard Anyway? And How Will It Bring Back Damian Wayne?

Last year, Bleeding Cool first reported that the character of Damian Wayne was returning to the living this summer. And that does certainly seem to be the case. The LA Times reported, "Robin Rises: Omega," a one-shot by Tomasi and superstar artist Andy Kubert that follows the current "Hunt for Robin" story line in "Batman […]

DC's 10 Moments That Mattered in 2013

Over on the DC Comics website as the year was ending they ran their 10 Moments That Mattered in 2013. It may be more interesting by what's not on the list than what is. Are these the 10 moments you think mattered? In the order that they were posted. #10 – Geoff Johns leaving Green Lantern. Johns […]

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – Damian Wayne & Superior Spider-Man – Death And Returns In DC Comics And Marvel!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=265SaqomEhU[/youtube] Grace Randolph writes; I talk about two huge changes in DC Comics and Marvel that the publishers have bungled. Damian Wayne is truly unique Robin, yet his death and potential return have greatly damaged the character. And while some comic book readers want to see Peter Parker return, Doc Ock as Superior Spider-Man has […]

The Return Of Damian Wayne

The Bleeding Cool liveblog reported; "I wasn't a huge fan of Grant [Morrison]'s work. I didn't like the way he did Superman [in Justice League]… He is a huge fanboy at heart… [on Batman RIP] Everything that you see, up to the moment Damian dies, was in [his] pitch." But what happens next? I was […]

Son Of Batman, Distant Cousin Of The New 52 – Thursday Trending Topics

Some good canonology (continuiology?) here. I think this image, if intentional, has a lot of implications for the story. Damian is cleary a teenager in this new art, but he isn't wearing the "new 52″ style suit that debuted before Flashpoint, the one with the lace-up boots. Most-Read TV/Film Stories On Thursday: Kanye West Stomps […]

Damian Wayne Returns – Wednesday Trending Topics

DWR: In October, DC Comics is bringing back the recent kebabed Damian Wayne in Damian: Son of Batman, a four issue series by Andy Kubert that will expand on the future of Gotham stories of Batman Inc, with Damian Wayne as a grown up Batman. Most-Read Comic Stories Wednesday: The Return Of Damian Wayne To DC, […]