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“His Dark Materials”: HBO Releases SDCC Official Trailer

Fans of Philip Pullman’s fantasy epic His Dark Materials didn’t have to trek all the way out to Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) to get a fresh look at BBC and HBO‘s mega-budget adaptation with a newly-released official trailer. While the preview may be a light on the “dark” and the “materials” (it is a […]

A Look At The Logan Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook And Blu-Ray Release

Not even three months after coming out on theaters, Logan arrived on Blu-Ray this week. The film was great, I loved every second of it when I first saw it in theaters, and could not wait to get my hands on it for home consumption. As a collector (of oh so many things), number one […]

What Logan Did Right – A Lesson to Other Superhero Films

There has been a great deal of commentary with the release of Logan in cinemas about how it isn’t just a great superhero movie, but a great movie overall. Repeatedly, the tired phrase ‘it transcends genre’ is trotted out, which is usually stuck up film critic snobbery code for ‘I think sci fi/fantasy/superhero/genre films are […]

James Mangold Shares Three New Images From ‘Logan’

Logan was a movie that seemed like it was destined to get lost in the sea of comic book movies in 2017. However, an absolutely killer first trailer renewed the public interest in the only X-Men Fox seems to think will sell movie tickets. Director James Mangold has been using twitter to give people hints […]

New Photo Officially Confirms X-23 For Logan

This is more clean up than anything at this point, but it is always great to get 100% confirmation. As had been long speculated by everyone even before the first trailer for the film hit, the little girl who featured is X-23. This confirmation came by way of the official Instagram account for the film, […]