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Cully Hamner

Cully Hamner Draws Blue Beetle In The DC Comic Art Academy

One of my favorite artists popped into the DC Comic Art Academy this week. Cully Hamner who is know for his work on Green Lantern: Mosaic, Blue Beetle, Black Lightning: Year One and of course the Warren Ellis series Red that was turned into two Bruce Willis movies. Looks like Cully is working his way […]

What Not To Remember The Alamo Comic Con For… (UPDATE)

This was the weekend for comic conventions, it seems. Phoenix Comicon, MegaCon, MCM London, Heroes & Villains, Balticon, and apparently the Alamo Comic Con. Which up until this point I had forgotten was on. Until this morning when I woke up to around twenty e-mails from comic book professionals asking me about what the hell was going […]

What Happens When You Ask Frank Cho For A Sexy Swamp Thing

There are some things that can only happen down under. A comic panel at the Supernova Convention in Sydney, Australia where Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Cully Hamner and Frank Cho had 30 minutes to draw whatever silly thing the audience decided on… and what they came up with is Sexy Swamp Thing. Here is Frank’s […]

Ellis And Hamner’s Red To Get New Life On Television

After two major motion pictures starring Bruce Willis and John Malkovich, Red will get new life as NBC is working on an hour long series picking up where the films left off. The original concept is based on a comic series by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner and featured a group of R.E.D.s (Retired Extremely […]

A Very Festive Fanboy Rampage Over Duck Dynasty

UPDATE: Cully Hamner called media bias on this little exchange being left out. We will rectify that immediately, Cully! Gay duck PORN is totally not what we're talking about, Greg. RT @GregCapullo I'd just like to interject that I'm very fond of gay ducks — Cully Hamner (@CullyHamner) December 19, 2013 Duck Dynasty airs in […]

Images From Wake Up And Draw For Jack Kirby

Today would have been Jack Kirby’s 96th Birthday. To honor the King, the Hero Initiative put together Wake Up And Draw, an event where artist simply draw an image with Kirby in mind and post it on Twitter with the hashtage #wakeupanddraw… The images will then be collected at one place to see and eventually auctioned […]

There’s Something In The Water For Red 2 And David Thewlis

In 1993, David Thewlis was about the most exciting thing in British cinema. He starred in Mike Leigh’s Naked as the egotistical, nihilistic street philosopher Johnny and practically set fire to the screen through sheer dramatic friction. Since then, Thewlis’ best work has often been less well known – though he did take in a […]

Monday Trending Topics: 72 Years Is An Eternity In Comics

It’s pretty fun to see DC bringing back the classic Quality Comics title National Comics this July, about 72 years after it originally debuted.  Of course, Kid Eternity is also a Quality character (and we’ve seen Quality-related titles The Ray and Blackhawks in the New 52 — and even a Plastic Man reference, I think), DC […]

Here Comes Red 2 – Who’s Back And Who Hit The Sacks?

The first Red was a pretty nifty adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner‘s comics, with plenty of credit due to screenwriters Erich and Jon Hoeber for their added inventions and fairly tidy reshaping. But the not-at-all secret weapon were the cast who seemed to be having the time of their lives, and this was […]

DC Relaunch Still Changing

Cully Hamner talked about his role in the redesign of the DC Universe on his blog a few days ago. But more intriguingly were his words in the comments section below. Firstly, it looks like many of the redesigns we’ve seen… aren’t final. Quentin: Did you have any input into the Wonder Woman re-design? If […]

Jim Lee On The New Design Work Behind the DC Relaunch

And the whirlwind of information keeps coming.  As he promised last night, here’s Jim Lee on the DCU blog discussing the new designs behind the new DC, featuring design collaboration with Cully Hamner and VP-Art Direction and Design Mark Chiarello, plus others on the DC team: Months ago, when the decision was made to launch 52 […]

Where’s Cully? Not At Wizard World Austin… (UPDATE)

The press release was loud and proud. Many of the world’s most talented comic book and graphic novel artists and writers, including superstars Michael Golden, Mike Grell, Joe Madureira, Bill Sienkiewicz and Matthew Sturges, are among the more than 150 artist and writer guests scheduled to attend Wizard World Austin Comic Con, Friday through Sunday, […]

Second Red Trailer: John Malkovich vs. Senility

This is my second consecutive post to contain a trailer for a movie called Red, and it appears to be a bit of a step up from the previous one. This Red is the Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner one, now becoming a Robert Schwentke movie with John Malkovich, Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, […]