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The Season Of Criminals, Psi-Lords, And Snakes

I read Criminal #4, Psi-Lords #1, and The Season Of The Snake, and since I didn’t have enough for a proper piece about any of them, but together, I can speak about all of them capsule-review style. Without further ado… Psi-Lords #1 from Valiant Entertainment by Fred Van Lente and Renato Guedes. Writer Fred Van […]

Former DragonCon Co-Owner Ed Kramer Accused of Breaking Probation [Video]

Former DraonCon co-owner and co-founder Ed Kramer is back in the news once again. The former pop-culture convention mogul was arrested Tuesday by members of the Lawrenceville [Georgia] Police Department for allegedly photographing a 7-year old child at a local doctor’s office, and we have body-cam video of the arresting officers. An incident report indicated […]


Criminal #1 Review: A New Heist From Old Hands

An old team, an old, old format. Ed Brubaker’s written for penciller Sean Phillips for almost fifteen years (beginning with Sleeper) and between the two of them (and a murderer’s row of colorists: Val Staples, Dave Stewart, Elizabeth Breitweiser, and the most recent, Jacob Phillips) they’re responsible for some of the American/British comics’ industry’s best […]

Criminal A Solid Spy Thriller Despite Absurd Ending — A Review

In Criminal, Kevin Costner stars as psychopathic killer Jericho Stewart. Injected with the memories of a recently deceased CIA agent played briefly by Ryan Reynolds, Jericho begins a path of destruction across London as Reynolds memories and emotions surface in his mind. The premise certainly has a science fiction tinge to it, but director Ariel […]

Criminal Director Ariel Vromen On Practical Effects, Surveillance And Kevin Costner

When Bleeding Cool caught up with Criminal director Ariel Vromen, several helicopters flew overhead, signaling the possibility of a police action. “In Los Angeles, there’s nothing but helicopters,” he said. “It’s the main camera checking things out.” It is a very different story from his film, in which the US Central Intelligence Agency makes use […]

Criminal Steals The Top Spot For Advance Reorders

Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market. Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of sale. Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! This […]

Kevin Costner Gets Injected With Ryan Reynolds’ Life In Criminal Trailer

In the new trailer for Lionsgate‘s upcoming Criminal, Kevin Costner plays a death row inmate without empathy who is injected with the memories of a dead CIA agent, played by Ryan Reynolds, in the hopes Coster will reveal the location of an important asset. Instead, he gains feelings and looks for the late agent’s wife, […]

Dealing Cool #2: A Retailer Perspective from Third Eye Comics

Welcome to the second installment of Dealing Cool, our new regular feature which shares retailer perspectives from among the racks and at the register.  Today, we’re proud to present insight from Steve Anderson of Third Eye Comics.  Enjoy!     MY SHOP, DEFINED Set the stage for the Bleeding Cool viewer — what’s the core […]

Ed Brubaker And David Slade Bringing Coward To The Movies

Writer Ed Brubaker and director David Slade are hard at work together on a big screen adaptation of Coward, the first arc of Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ comic series, Criminal. So far there, four stories in the series have been published. Hunting Lane Films have optioned Criminal and have first refusal on Lawless, the second […]

Fatale – The New Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillips Comic For 2012

In the final (and rather wonderful) issue of Criminal: Last Of The Innocent, out this week, Ed Brubaker talks about his and Sean Phillips’ next project for Marvel’s Icon imprint, in the back. It’s called Fatale. Brubaker says; Fatale is a bigger story, one that’ll run at least 12 issues, and I think it brings […]

HeroesCon – The Bits Most People Missed

There’s been lots of coverage about HeroesCon and WizardWorld Philadelphia this weekend. But here are a few observations about the former that seem not to have been picked up upon that much… George Perez –  he is mulling over upcoming two projects, but will probably only accept one. For now his long awaited “Teen Titans: […]

Brubaker Confirms Criminal Omnibus For November

Sneaking into Diamond Comics Distribution order sheets, but not the solicitations, themselves, the  CRIMINAL OMNIBUS HC has been a strange anomaly for the last couple of weeks in certain Marvel Comics listings. In response to enquiries my Little Bleeders, Brubaker confirmed that it was an early technical solicitation, and you can look forward to being […]