Creed: Rise to Glory

Creed: Rise To Glory is Getting More Classic Rocky DLC

It looks like Creed: Rise to Glory is getting some throwback content for the game as a new Legends pack is on the way with the next update. The roster will add four new fighters to the mix who you will immediately recognize if you're a Rocky fan, starting with the Italian Stallion Rocky Balboa […]

Creed: Rise to Glory Receives a Creed II Character Update

Do you feel like living the life of Adonis Creed during his story in Creed II? You can kinda do it now in the VR boxing game Creed: Rise to Glory. This week, Survios released info about a special update for the game that will include two new characters. Those characters are the primary antagonists for the […]

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for September 25-30, 2018

Fall has set, so it's time to drag the TV and consoles off the patio and back into the warm confines of your room with some new video game releases. Check out the full list of releases below, choose your favorites wisely, and as always; have fun! September 25th A Gummy's Life (Switch) Air Missions: HIND […]

Creed: Rise To Glory is Coming to Multiple Platforms in September

If you're looking forward to Creed II this November, you'll be happy to know you can train your way there with Creed: Rise To Glory this fall. Survios released details this morning letting VR fans know the boxing game based on the Rocky franchise will officially be released on September 25th, coming to the PSVR, Oculus […]

Training Like a Champ With Creed: Rise to Glory at E3

When we got wind that Survios would have a demo of Creed: Rise to Glory available to try out at E3 in the Indie Cade area this year, we were stoked! VR boxing games are nothing new and have been around about as long as VR has, but the idea of getting about as close to […]