A Retailer Unboxes An Original Dark Knight III Jim Lee Sketch Cover

For every five thousand copies of Dark Knight III: The Master Race that retailers ordered, they got a copy of the comic with an original art sketch by Jim Lee on the front. I'm told that there were around twelve qualifying copies. Well here's one being opened up. And the finished article… So, you know, […]

Cover Stories: Dark Designs, Fried Pies And Portland Prettiness

Can you read a book by its cover? These people hope so! The new cover for the upcoming novel Captain America: Dark Designs by Stefan Petrucha from Marvel Comics. Here are the retailer exclusive Fried Pie covers for Spider-Man #1 by Khoi Pham… …and Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #1 by Reilly Brown. An exclusive show […]

The Thick Of It, Removed From The Cover Of Amazing Spider-Man #5

This was the Alex Ross cover, as solicited, for Amazing Spider-Man #5. This is how it was received by the creator of The Thick Of It. Ah. Well if Marvel are up for a Thick Of It/ Spiderman crossover, I'm happy to help. — Armando Iannucci (@Aiannucci) September 16, 2015 And this is it […]

See Your Comic Book Store Destroyed For Independence Day 2016

In March, Titan Comics will be publishing a new Independence Day comic book by Victor Gischler and Steve Scott to accompany the new movie out in June, And retailers will be able to commission special versions of the cover which will see their stores blown to smithereens. Of course this takes some time to arrange, so they […]

Cover Story: Street Fighter Does Secret Wars, Local Comic Shop Day And Colour Your Own

This is one of a number of covers Udon are using to relaunch Street Fighter Unlimited #1 in December, from  Ken Siu-chong and artist Joe Ng as well as Jim Zub and Edwin Huang. OCT151710  STREET FIGHTER UNLIMITED #1 CVR A (Story cover) OCT151711  STREET FIGHTER UNLIMITED #1 CVR B (Ultra Jam variant) OCT151712  STREET FIGHTER UNLIMITED […]

That Cover To Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76 By Neal Adams Up For Auction

Neal Adams writes to Bleeding Cool, regarding the sale of his most famous comic book cover ever, currently up for auction on behalf of a private collector. The Green Lantern Green Arrow #76 cover (and subsequent series of books) changed the direction of comics when it was first published. That first cover set the tone of […]

The Rachael Stott Hot Topic Cover For Assassin's Creed #1 That Everyone Forgot

CBR said that "Titan Comics has exclusively shared with CBR every variant cover for the debut issue of the publisher's upcoming "Assassin's Creed" ongoing series, debuting October 14." But they were wrong. They didn't notice one of the one they listed was missing. As well as the eleven covers that got sent out over the weekend […]

Harley Quinn's Little Black Polybags

Harley's Little Black Book will be December's DC Comics variant cover theme, featured on 10 DC Comics titles, which will all come in black opaque comic bags. These variant covers will ship in three versions. One features the finished, full-color artwork. The second features just the inked art in black and white. The third features just […]

Walter Simonson's Shi Cover, The Way You'll Never Be Able To See It Again

Walter Simonson writes, Interesting. I've just seen my SHI cover, done to help raise money for Veteran Tickets Foundation (VetTix) – Hero's Wish, prepped for the auction. I'm one of about 50 artists who did a blank cover drawing for the fund raiser. What I did not consider is that the comics have all been […]

Ashley A Woods' Cover For Niobe: She Is Life

One of our more popular stories this week was that of Ashley A Woods announcing she was to be working for Marvel Comics. We'd like to apologise for what we did to her website. It's back up now. We also looked at her new comic for Stranger Press, Niobe: A Life created with Sebastian A. […]

How Young Terrorists Got A TATU 'Hip-Hop' Variant Cover

Bret Parks, Ssalefish Comics in Winston Salem, NC writes, I wanted to share with you the details and origin of the Ssalefish Comics exclusive variant for Young Terrorists issue 1. When Black Mask approached us about having our own private variant they mentioned that they wanted homage covers to classic hip hop albums. I spent […]

This Will Be The Rarest Star Wars Shattered Empire Variant Cover By Pasqual Ferry

This is the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit cover for Journey To Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Star Wars: Shattered Empire. It will be given away to retailer attendees to the Summit taking place before Baltimore Comic Con. Action Lab: Trancers #1 with B&W cover by Amanda Conner  01 Second Books: Paul Pope's The Fall of the House […]

Four Color Grails Closes Its Doors

Four Color Grails was a monthly exclusive variant cover subscription box, only containing exclusive variant covers, and at a far lower circulation than, say, Loot Crate. And for $27 a month plus shipping, less for a longer subscription, that was very competitively priced against many other retailers prices for such books. Indeed, just one could be flipped […]

Cover Story: The Wicked + The Divine + Jupiter's Circle + Secret Wars

Here's the Fiona Staples variant cover for The Wicked + The Divine #11, just in time for FOC… While Jupiter's Circle #3 gets a couple of variants, both from Frank Quitely I understand that Death Sentence #1 London will be getting a Gifts For Geeks variant while Minions #1 will have a Books-A-Million variant. But for Secret […]

Cover Variance – Secret Wars And The Walking Dead

A look at some upcoming comic book variants… for big time comics! The Forbidden Planet Secret Wars #1 variants, in colour and sketch… The Midtown Secret Wars #1 variant by J. Scott Campbell with colors by Nei Ruffino And Secret Wars #2 by Nick Bradshaw with colours by Edgar Delgado – and plenty of Storms! Clayton Crain's cover for […]