Marvel To Run Another $5 Digital-To-Print Coupon To Launch Spider-Men #1

I understand that, just as with the launch of Avengers Vs X-Men #1, Marvel Comics is planning to give away $5 coupons to those buying Spider-Man comics digitally. And that this coupon will be redeemable in comic stores against the print purchase of Spider-Men #1 and more. We’ll let you know more when we have […]

Where In The World Is The Marvel $5 Voucher?

This morning I was inundated by emails and messages asking me about the new Marvel $5 Coupon for print comics. It was meant to arrive on April 1st for people who bought one of Marvel’s approved list of Avengers and X-Men comics, in time to use it to buy Avengers Vs X-Men #1 today or […]

Protest Against SOPA By Giving Marvel Your Money

Marvel has received considerable criticism for being seen to support the SOPA legislation aimed at tackling piracy, but also with string freedom of speech issues. Successful SOPA legislation could also see websites shut down for the mere suspicion that they may be linking to a site with a copyright-infringing link on it. Which means that […]

The Marvel $5 Digital Coupon FAQ

Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool told you how Marvel was to launch a $5 comic store voucher for anyone who bought a Marvel digital comic, for 99 cents or more. While many are worried about how digital comics will affect comic shops, this at least is an attempt to get new digital readers to see […]

Marvel Launches $5 Digital Comics Coupons For Print Copies

We told you something like this was coming. Marvel Comics is launching a Digital Coupon scheme with their digital comics, redeemable for Marvel print comics. Buy a comic through the Marvel App and you will be emailed a link to download a $5 coupon with a link to their nearest comic shop. One per customer. […]