Alan Moore’s Open Letter To Northampton Council Makes The Front Page

Alan Moore is a keen supporter of public libraries and for a number of years has made public appearances to support them, in the face of government cutbacks. We’ve covered a few of those efforts. Earlier this year, the Northampton Herald & Post reported on Alan Moore working with the library and children who had […]

Alan Moore Participates In “Read-In” To Save Local Library

On February the 5th, there will be a protest “read in” at the St James Library in Northampton with Alan Moore, that follows a protest held there tomorrow from midday to 2pm. The library, along with many others, is suffering from local council budget cuts as the British government has been reducing council funding. Alan […]

Alan Moore Campaigns Against Local Library Closures

Remember, remember, the fifth of February… That’s when Alan Moore will be speaking at a reading event, part of an event to campaign against the planned potential closure of the St James Library in his home town of Northampton. The library is one of eight that may be closed by the local council as part […]