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Batman Travels of the Year 3000 with New Prime 1 Studio Statue

Batman has had a wide variety of costume changes in his time as the caped crusader. The video game world easily takes advantage of these costumes as alternate outfits that the character can play as. One of Batman’s most famous games is the Batman: Arkham Asylum franchise. Prime 1 Studio is taking another look at Batman Arkham […]

When Black Panther's Costume Was Redesigned to Placate Racists

When Black Panther’s Costume Was Redesigned at Marvel to Placate Racists

We mentioned this on the live streaming Marvel D23 panel report with Marvel executives C.B.Cebulski and Tom Brevoort that ran on Bleeding Cool, but it might be worth going back and fleshing it out. Specifically the difference between Black Panther’s first design by Jack Kirby, when he was known as Coal Tiger. And then how […]

Post-Apocalyptic New Costumes for Spider-Woman, Hazmat, and Echo in Captain Marvel #2

Yesterday saw the release of Marvel’s February solicitations, which revealed Captain Marvel gathering some new and old allies in Captain Marvel #2, along with a closer look at Carol Danvers’ new Mad Max: Fury Road inspired costume. Now Marvel has revealed looks at the costumes of Spider-Woman, Hazmat, and Echo on And in case […]

Up for Auction: Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman Corset, Boots, Gloves

However you may feel about Tim Burton‘s Batman Returns film, you have to agree that Michelle Pfeiffer‘s Catwoman costume was one of the iconic moments from the picture. Good news if you have several thousand spare pounds if you are a fan of that version of Catwoman, as her underbust corset, boots, and a glove are going up […]

Helen Slater’s Supergirl Costume Sells for $20,480 at Auction

Profiles In History’s 4 day long Icons & Legends in Hollywood auction has something for everyone, day two specifically speaking to Superman and Supergirl collectors. Helen Slater‘s costume from the 1984 film Supergirl just sold for $$20,480 (USD) during the auction.  The costume was complete with cape, belt, and boots. This one just happens to be […]

big apple comic con cosplay ghost rider

32 Cosplay Shots from Big Apple Comic Con

Bleeding Cool contributor Jason Borelli had his camera with him when he recently attended Big Apple Comic Con. While the calendar said “April,” the weather on that Saturday suggested more of an early summer vibe, giving cosplayers a warm atmosphere to show off and pose for pictures in front of Penn Station, across the street […]

100 Cosplay Photos From NYCC:

Bleeding Cool contributor Rich Epstein was at NYCC on the hunt for his favorite cosplays of the convention, Bleeding Cool reporters were on the scene over the weekend, and Adam Wolfe has sent us his collection of more than 100 cosplay photos that he’d gotten around the floor at the Javits Center. The A-list cosplayers […]

wizard world philly

Wizard World Philly 2017: Jughead, A Demon King, And Mary Poppins Walk Into A Con…

Saturday of any convention is crazy busy. In between fangirling over meeting the cast of Riverdale, I found time to take pictures of all the amazing cosplayers I saw. From a creative twist to a Stormtrooper, to multiple Jugheads, to many different Disney princesses, Wizard World Philly had something for everyone. Since this con is […]

Katsucon 2017 Cosplayer Spotlight: Evan Wells

If you’re into cosplay, Katsucon should be a con you check out. I was lucky enough to stop and chat with a few cosplayers over the weekend, but the sheer size of the con can make it difficult to find time and space to do a shoot! Thankfully for me, Evan Wells was willing and […]

Disney’s The Winner: Katsucon 2017 Cosplay

Katsucon has a long standing tradition of having some of the best cosplay. The following shots were taken Thursday-Saturday, and as you can see each and every cosplayer here has put their heart and soul into the costume. Disney won out in terms of popularity, but anime and video games were still in full force […]

Now Anyone Can Be The Black Panther (Aged 4-6)

Ahead of the new Captain America: Civil War movie, here’s a look at some of the merchandise being created for kids alongside it. It must have been an interesting conversation in the design agency. “Black Panther is a black character, isn’t it racist to have a white kid modelling it on the packaging?” “Isn’t it more racist […]

DC Registers Clothing Trademark For Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy And Wonder Woman, For Men And Women, As Harley Quinn Is Most Googled Hallowe’en Costume

Google Trends lists Harley Quinn as the most searched for Hallowe’en costume. Which may be why DC Comics has registered Harley Quinn, along with Poison Icy and Wonder Woman for Clothing for men, women and children, namely, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging suits, trousers, pants, shorts, tank tops, rainwear, cloth baby bibs, skirts, blouses, dresses, suspenders, […]

A FCBD New York Beach Bash and Cosplay Swimwear Fashion Show

Ian Mageto writes: Meraki Expo is hosting NYC’s First Beach Bash and Cosplay Swimwear Fashion Show. The event will take place on May 2nd at M1-5 Lounge (52 Walker Street) in the stylish SoHo area of Manhattan. For more details and up to date information be sure to follow the event’s Facebook page! The show […]

DC Comics’ New Costume For Superman – Revealed

This is how Superman currently looks in the New 52. We were told that Superman #38 will bring us a “new costume, new powers and new friends and enemies.” Though that cover is a little unclear. Well, the cover to Superman #39 gives away the farm. A farm designed by John Romita Jr. Look, he’s got built in fingerless gloves. […]