Cosplay From Phoenix Comicon On A Saturday

The cosplay at Phoenix Comic Con continues to be wild and wonderful. Especially on a Saturday, when the place exploded. Homestuck is the most popular costume of the show by far… If you recognise yourself, let us know and we’ll add your details. And yes, all praise to the All Female Spawn Squad!     […]

Setting Up The Phoenix Comicon – Booths, Dolls And Cosplay

Welcome on and all to Phoenix Comic Con! It opens in forty-fuve minutes. But here are a few shots from set up… The Bleeding Cool Fan Awards are there tomorrow, 6pm. Come join us.. . My first Young Loki of the show! You know, with the heat outside I could happily wear one of these. […]

Collectors Cornered #40 – Collectors Con MD!

[youtube][/youtube] Collectors Cornered is an occasional video column, filmed inside Collectors Corner in Baltimore. Join us every week as we discuss comic book news from a different point of view and get instant feedback from real customers on New Comics Day, as we literally corner them and and ask questions about comic books and related […]

She-Hulk Wanted In Assault Case

  The woman pictured, dressed as The She-Hulk, is wanted after an assault on a seventeen year old woman outside a McDonalds in York.   The York Press reports that “just after 3am on Friday, April 26 – the woman suspected of the assault was covered in green body paint with dyed red hair but […]

Cosplay All Over The World – More And More C2E2 Cosplay

Faye Nelson Ramsey and Taylor Ramsey spent much of Friday at C2E2 getting cosplay pictures since the rest of the weekend gets a bit too crowded. TARDIS’ and steampunks, Squirrel Girl Leeloo dominated the day. Some of these are outstanding! (even the White Sox Fett!) If you recognise yourself or a friend, get in touch […]

Cosplay All Over The World – More C2E2 From Christopher Troy

Christopher Troy writes; Special thanks to Scott Whipple (and friends) who aside from organized these various Marvel and DC gatherings, made the Onslaught, Captain America, Mojo, Apocalypse, Juggernaut & Stryfe costumes, not mention several smaller ones. Also thanks to photographers DTJAAAAM, Pat Loika and for supplying the images, as well as all the cosplayers involved. […]

Did The Jedi High Council Of Seattle Lose Something?

We know Seattle has its superheroes, with the likes of Phoenix Jones. But it seems it may also have its Jedi as well… This suspect device that closed Seattle’s downtown transit tunnel last night, turned out to be a home made light saber, consisting of a torch, a battery and some tape and string. Maybe […]

Cosplay All Over The World – C2E2

Alex Wilson sends in cosplay photos from C2E2 at Chicago… I think the UP house is particularly fine. If you are a cosplayer featured, or if you know who they are, tell us and we’ll add your details!   That’s Ashley Garren!

Cosplay Con: A Celebration Of Playing Dress Up

David Nieves writes; Over a thousand fans of comics and cosplay gathered at the giant fanboy warehouse known as Frank and Son’s Collectible in City of Industry California this past Saturday. While there are always cosplayers at every convention in southern California, this was the first to be dedicated to the phenomena known as cosplay. […]

Tuesday Runaround – Black Cosplayers But No Black Comic Writers

WHY DOES SUPERMAN NEED A MASK? When children’s hospital window cleaners cosplay… STAN ALIVE Heidi MacDonald goes to the Stan Lee Kids Universe launch event. The Kids UNiverse is produced in conjunction with 1821 Productions and thus far includes two titles: the very promising sounding KITTENS VS MONSTERS by Dani Jones and a game for […]

Which Whistling Skull Character Will You Cosplay As In 2013?

Whistling Skull came out this week, the long-awaited creator-owned comic book by B Clay Moore and Tony Harris, that somehow has become a JSA title. But the biggest question it raises is not how a creator owned comic book can be a JSA title (lots of lawyer and marketing fun), are the timeline jumps confusing […]

A Black Canary Cosplays In London

Model – Anna Psylocke Sheldrick Photographer – Adam Potts Hair / Make Up / Costume – By model Location – Central London Photos copyright Adam ‘StealthBuda’ Potts used without permission.           

A Year Of Comic Cons With Jesse James

  Jesse James writes for Bleeding Cool; This year’s Con season is over for me now. After over 52,000 miles of traveling on Planes, Trains, Automobiles–and one Moped, I dare say it was a great journey. I ended this years con season in New York and Tucson and it defiantly saw its fair share of […]