X-Men Eat Free At San Diego Comic Con

I’ve seen so many people in X-Men cosplay in San Diego this year – something like one for every fifteen Tardis ladies, and that’s thousands, probably – that the following probably counts as a huge and worthwhile public service announcement. So, from Bryan Singer’s Twitter feed: X-MEN EAT FREE! Tomorrow, head to Carls Jr Star […]

LA’s Anime Expo Attracts Grade A Cosplay

By Hannah Means-Shannon, photos by Michele Brittany It was a gala weekend for all things anime in Los Angeles last weekend, and the general growth spurt in cons of all kinds has given anime a bump in numbers also, particularly the Anime Expo, the largest of its kind in the country now celebrating its 22nd […]

Drink And Draw And Cosplay

Christopher Troy writes; On July 2nd, I attended the first Drink and Draw and Cosplay in Midtown Manhattan, literally steps away from Midtown Comics’ flagship Time Square location. Now I’m not going to claim Drink and Draws are a uniquely New York experience, even with the added Cosplayer element, but it was a really cool […]

Before San Diego: Jay Justice, Cosplayer

Cosplay correspondent for Bleeding Cool, Endymion Megeto, spoke to Jay Justice, of New York City. How long have you been going to SDCC? What was your first time at SDCC like? This year will be my second time at San Diego Comic Con. My first time at SDCC was a lot of fun. It’s a […]

What Is Rule 63 And Why Does Aquaman Have Long Hair?

With convention season in full swing it seemed like a good time to explain what Rule 63 was in reference to Cosplay. In the list of internet rules published anonymously back in roughly 2007, rule 63 states: “For every given male character, there is a female version of that character; conversely for every given female […]

Top Cow San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Kick Off With Cosplay Cover

Okay, so what are Top Cow doing, that you can only buy if you go to San Diego Comic Con and line up for hours? There’s the cosplay variant above! There’s the ultra-limited THINK TANK Volume 1 Hardcover, limited to 1000 with only the first 100 getting bookplated.   Limited to 200 is the mini-lithograph […]

Before San Diego: Melina The Cosplayer

Endymion Mageto talked to Melina… My name is Melina and i’m from Rochester, NY but currently study in Sarasota, FL.  What was your first time at SDCC like? My first time was last year and I didn’t even have tickets! I was in LA and decided to drive down anyway on Saturday. It was still […]

Cosplay All Over The World: A Rather Creepy Pillow Fight

Last year, Bleeding Cool ran an article on 2 Images Solutions, who were specialising in photographing cosplayers in fixed positions and rotating them, to create fully rotatable animated imaged. A clever, interesting take on cosplay photography. We liked it. And then, courtesy of The Outhouse, we found out what they were being used for. Pillows […]

Cosplay All Over The World – Heroes Con And Beyond

FrostIron Hippy Hippy Shake by Fahr Sindram as Loki, with Tony Stark. Batman 72 by Francesco Francavilla gets cosplay already. Miss Thing, taken by Pat Loika at Heroes Con. He also gives us zombie stormtrooper. Even less chance of shooting things, I guess. Pat also gave us Hippolyta from Caitlin @ChanceChemistry… And her contest-winning Thanos. […]

Competition Time – Cosplay Corona Coolers And DC Domo Figures

Today we are running two competitions on Bleeding Cool. Both to win today. Lets start with Corona Summer. We’re giving away $250 worth of Corona bits and bobs – 2 Corona coolers, 2 portable speakers, 2 picnic blankets, 3 T-shirts, and 5 magnets divided between five people who tweets the following; I’m totally going to […]