Hellblazer #1 [Preview]

What Kind of Porn Does Prince Charles Like? John Constantine: Hellblazer #1 [Preview]

DC’s Hellblazer relaunch kicks into full gear tomorrow as John Constantine: Hellblazer #1 launches, by Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell, picking up from the Sandman Universe: Hellblazer Special that established a new status quo for a mature content Constantine. Sadly, mature content doesn’t go over as well for Constantine himself as this preview of tomorrow’s […]

Keanu Reeves Appears as John Constantine in Today's Hellblazer

Keanu Reeves Appears as John Constantine in Today’s Hellblazer

We all remember the movie version of Hellblazer, dubbed Constantine, right? Well, when today’s Hellblazer Special isn’t introducing new swear words and Harry Potter to the DC Comics lexicon or having Constantine argue with Dan DiDio‘s current DC Comics policy, it shows us a variety of other versions of John Constantine. Including a rather recognisable […]

Not Sure if ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ or ‘Constantine’ Season 2 Tease…

Take this with a big ol grain of ritual circle salt but, could THIS POST from the official Constantine Facebook page tease more than just an upcoming scene from The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?? We were all super sad when the NBC-produced live-action Constantine series got the axe after just one season, because Matt Ryan is just delightful […]


Pilgrim: BBC Radio 4 Supernatural Radio Drama Returns for 2-Part Winter Special

BBC‘s supernatural radio series Pilgrim is back for a 2-part Winter Special beginning this Monday, with part 2 coming next Monday. As the legend goes…in 1195, while on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, William Palmer (Pilgrim) was cursed with immortality by the King of the Greyfolk for denying the presence of ‘the other world’ – a […]

Constantine and Batman Team Up in January; Will Everyone Keep Their Pants On?

The last time Batman and John Constantine appeared in a book together, it was a moment that would rock DC Entertainment to its foundations. Of course, we’re talking about the reveal of the Batpenis, which spawned a thousand Bleeding Cool articles and brought the hammer of censorship down on DC’s Black Label line, at least […]

Constantine NYCC Seed

We Talk With the Cast and Crew of Constantine: City of Demons at NYCC

by Rich Epstein Producer Butch Lukic, writer J.M. Matteis, character designer Phil Bourassa, and actors Damian O’Hare (Chaz) and Rachel Kinsey (Angela) were nice enough to sit down and answer some questions about their new animated movie Constantine: City of Demons at NYCC. When asked about the transition from CW Seed shorts to a feature-length […]

CW Seed constantine

Constantine: City of Demons at NYCC

Some of the creative forces behind the new animated movie Constantine: City of Demons were on hand at NYCC to show some clips and talk about the film, which will be available on DVD and Blu Ray this Tuesday, October 9th. Peter Girardi, Executive Vice President at Warner, moderated the panel including producer Butch Lukic, […]

CW Seed constantine

CW Seed: We’re Already Streaming DC Shows

With yesterday’s big announcement about the DC Universe streaming service that will show both new and old DC television series, film, and animation… it seems that perhaps someone is feeling left out. CW Seed, the online platform that goes with The CW, put out a new video today called “DC Streams on CW Seed”. This […]

City of Demons

Constantine: City of Demons Recap and Review

This article contains spoilers for Constantine: City of Demons season 1. The above is a poster they’re giving away at WonderCon this weekend before the panel where they are showing some of Constantine: City of Demons, the new animated series from Blue Ribbon Entertainment and Warner Bros. TV featured on the CW Seed. This series […]


Constantine Animated Series Now Available on CW Seed

Today is the day. The new animated Constantine: City of Demons hits the CW Seed today with Matt Ryan once again reprising the role as John Constantine, Master of the Dark Arts. The series is an adaptation of the story line All His Engines and involves his friend Chas coming to ask John for Help. […]


Constantine, Black Lightning, Krypton and More as WBTV Announces WonderCon Schedule

Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Animation will be rolling out the big guns on March 23th-25th in Anahaim for WonderCon. Presentations will feature four WBTV series and three WBA series giving fans early looks at The 100, Teen Titans Go!, Unikitty!, Krypton, Lucifer, Black Lightning and the new animated Constantine series. Stars and producers […]

Francis Lawrence

‘Red Sparrow’ Director Francis Lawrence Talks Reboot Battlestar Galactica Film

I’ll admit it right off: I do not want or need a new Battlestar Galactica. Ron Moore‘s reimagined series is the touchstone example of how to take an existing franchise and update it, modern story and modern casting at it’s best.  For whatever reason, Universal decided in 2014 it was time (already, wth) to redo the […]


The Weekly Static s01e22: Sabrina, Constantine, Vampires, and More!

Give me some rope I’m coming loose, I’m hanging on you. Give me some rope I’m coming loose, I’m pulling for you now. Give me some rope, I’m…The Weekly Static!* (read in a summer movie trailer voice) In a world corrupted by darkness…one man will show them the light. Coming Summer 2018, it’s… The Weekly Static […]


Constantine Animated Series to be More Like Hellblazer Comic

WBTV and Blue Ribbon Content are getting close to launching their third animated series on the CW Seed with Constantine. Vixen has already had two six-episode seasons which has since been turned into a 90-minute movie and aired on the CW as well as was released to Blu-ray. The character also made the jump from […]


The Weekly Static S01E09: Scully And Scary And Sleazy…Oh My!

Welcome back to The Weekly Static on a very sunny and chilly Friday the 13th in the northeast, which is perfect weather for hockey mask-wearing and head of your dead mother-carrying — so here’s hoping you take advantage of it! In case you haven’t drank the Kool Aid quite yet, here’s a little reminder of […]


First Look At The CW Seed’s Constantine Animated Series

The CW Seed’s animated series are an interesting thing. They are part of the overall CW Arrowverse and allows the network to explore some characters outside of giving them their own series or trying to wedge them into one of the other four. With Vixen, they were able to establish the origin of the character […]

Batman Vs Constantine – Magic Against Tech In The Newest DC Versus

This week’s Versus from DC pits Batman vs John Constantine… and if you think about it, there is a lot of similarities between the characters. Batman is a human among being of immense super powers who holds his own through his intelligence, courage and equipment. Constantine is a human among beings of immense supernatural powers […]