mr. robot

"Mr. Robot" Season 4 "Conflict": A Price Gets Paid [SPOILER REVIEW]

Welcome back to another episode of USA Network's Mr. Robot. This week, we finally get the showdown we've been waiting for – er, the "conflict" we've been waiting for: Elliot vs Whiterose – in the form of the Deus group meeting. So grab some leftover pie, get comfy, and let the grudge match begin. Do […]

mr. robot

"Mr. Robot" Season 4 Brings Deadly "Conflict": fsociety vs. Deus Group [PREVIEW]

For those of you following Bleeding Cool's reviews of USA Network's Mr. Robot season 4 (which you should absolutely be doing – starting with our review of last week's "408 Request Timeout" here), you know that our resident expert Adriel has been piecing together the "big picture" to Elliot's (Rami Malek)final season puzzle. To her […]