Community Inc.

Lil Wayne Stars In Latest "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" Ad

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for October 1-7, 2019

We’re finally in October, and as the fall chill creeps through the town, there’s plenty of video game releases to keep you warm and occupied. Check out the entire list of releases this week below, choose your games wisely, and as always, have fun! October 1st 80 DAYS (Switch) Burgertime Party! (Switch) Call of Duty: […]

It Also Takes A Village To Fail: We Review ‘Community Inc.’

There are times in some games when I wonder what the NPC’s go through on a daily basis in a town. Like, who started this random town in the middle of nowhere and what purpose do they have to live. I don’t believe anyone has made that game yet, but one of the closest versions […]