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First Appearances Of Thor Already Over $20K On Comic Connect!

Hello, true believers (man I hope that's not copyrighted). If you're into collecting Golden and Silver Age comics, there's little to no doubt you've been following the Jon Berk Collection over at Comic Connect. The auction has boasted some beautiful examples of both comics and original art. I've bid on one or two items–no you […]

Flash Comics #1 Ashcan (Fawcett) Auction Ends Tonight On Comic Connect

Ashcan copies of Golden Age comics are, in a word, rare. I don't see them pop up too often in auction houses, and frankly I've maybe seen one in person throughout my years of buying old books. In tonight's Jon Berk auction at Comic Connect, a Flash Comics #1 Ashcan will be going to a […]

Jon Berk Collection Session 1 Comic And Art Auction Highlights: Winning The Planet

Session 2 is getting underway as I type this, and as I hear the sound of comic collectors across the land rounding up all the extra nickels and dimes they can find, let's take a look at some of the auction highlights from last night at Comic Connect's Jon Berk Collection Session 1.  Session 1 included Original Artwork […]

Will You Be The New Owner Of This Bob Montana Pep Comics Cover?

With under two hours to go on ComicConnect, this stunning Pep Comics #30 original art cover by Archie legend Bob Montana is already at a little under $24K, which is rather impressive for this cover. Bob Montana art always fetches a good amount of money. I myself own a handful of his daily Archie newspaper […]

$135,000 (So Far) For An Action Comics #1 Found In A $10,100 House…

Remodeler finds comic book worth over $100K in wall at Elbow Lake house is the headline. amid old newspapers used to insulate a wall of a fixer-upper he was gutting in Elbow Lake, Minn Action Comics #1 is the comic. $135,000 is the current bid at ComicConnect Though it could have gone for more… When […]

The Check That Bought Superman For $130 Sells At Auction For $160,000

The check used by Detective Comics, Inc (the company which was to become DC Comics) to buy the rights for Superman from Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster  for $130 on March 1, 1938 has just sold at auction from comics & related collectable auction house Comic Connect for $160,000. One of the most significant comic-related artifacts to ever surface for […]

Marvel Mystery 6

Auction Night 3: Ghost Riders and Whipped Nazis

Comic Connect's mega-auction event rolls on with its third night of sales coming in, and once again there are quite a few key comics involved. Here are the highlights for the ones that have sold so far today. We start our report tonight with Marvel Mystery Comics #6, with a gorgeous copy rated CGC 9.2 […]