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"Magic: The Gathering" Inducted into Toy Hall of Fame!

“Magic: The Gathering” Inducted into Toy Hall of Fame!

Today,  the Strong Museum of Play, located in Rochester, NY, and home to the Toy Hall of Fame, inducted three new toys and games into their ranks. Among them, coloring books, Matchbox cars, and – as the title of my article suggests – Magic: The Gathering. Head of Tabletop Gaming for Magic, Bill Rose, spoke a bit […]

Dark Horse to Publish Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Coloring Books for Halloween

Dark Horse is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park in the best way possible. No, not by recreating dinosaurs from DNA and unleashing them on unsuspecting theme park visitors. Okay, so it’s the second best way possible: with coloring books. Dark Horse plans to publish not one but two coloring books, one for Jurassic […]

Get Creative with These Crayola Superhero-Themed Items

When we were younger, coloring was a go-to pastime. I know I loved filling in pages of a coloring book, or creating my own works of art. In fact, I still buy coloring books. I find it to be very therapeutic and relaxing — plus, it’s still fun. I tend to gravitate to coloring books […]

Steven Universe Gets a Coloring Book in September from Dark Horse

Ahead of C2E2, Dark Horse announced plans via press release to publish a Steven Universe coloring book in September. Featuring 45 original illustrations that you can ruin with your amateur crayon skills, the book will cost $14.99 and hit stores on September 26. Steven Universe Coloring Book Volume 1 allows fans to head down to […]


The Joker Is Getting An Adult Coloring Book In February

In what we’re still not entirely convinced isn’t part of an ongoing ploy to phase out colorists and start having readers color their own books for free, DC Comics has announced the latest in its line of adult coloring books. You’ll want to stock up on purple and green crayons for this one, folks. Retailing […]