Marvel Legends Reveals Come Fast and Furious at Hasbro's SDCC Panel

Marvel Legends Reveals Come Fast and Furious at Hasbro SDCC Panel

Marvel Legends fans usually have to wait until Saturday afternoon at the con for the big panel to happen, but this year it was on Friday, and in a smaller room than usual. Nevertheless, it was packed. This is the main event of the weekend for figure junkies, and the Marvel Legends team did not […]

Mavel’s Contest Of Champions Is Coming To Your Smartphones And Tablets

At NYCC, we got to see the trailer for the new mobile, superhero combat game, Marvel’s Contest of Champions. It’s a super hero combat game for mobile devices. Players fight their way through iconic locations from the Marvel Universe and collect their favorite Marvel super heroes and villains such as Iron Man, Deadpool, Captain America, Punisher, Spider-Man, Wolverine and […]