Colin Kaepernick

It’s Always Sunny in Atlanta: The Bleeding Cool Gang Fixes The Super Bowl

“I’m Chet Throwhard, 27-time Super Bowl winning Hall of Fame quarterback for the Cleveland Browns – and by my side riding shotgun on color is Walt “The Wild Man” Williams. Welcome to the 37th hour of the Doritos-KFC-Pepto Bismal Super Bowl LIII Pre-Game Show, brought to you by two of 2019’s most highly-anticpated films: Dumbo […]

WWE’s Titus O’Neil Offers to Redistribute Unwanted Nike Merchandise

Titus O’Neil isn’t just the 2015 Celebrity Dad of the Year, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, and founder of the global marketing organization Titus Worldwide. He’s also a pretty stand-up dude, never afraid to speak his mind on behalf of a good cause. As you may have heard over the past few days, a […]

NFL Owners Approve Policy Fining Teams If Players Kneel During National Anthem

In a bizarrely contradictory new policy claiming to support social justice while introducing fines for teams whose players kneel during the National Anthem, NFL owners have unanimously approved a new set of rules to curb the controversial protests. The policy states that the owners “have reaffirmed their strong commitment to work alongside our players to strengthen our […]


The Weekly Static s01e24: ABC Firsts, XFL Seconds, Plus Three More!

Just to be clear? What I do ain’t make-believe, though people say I sit and try. But when it comes to being De La? It’s just me, myself and I…and The Weekly Static! Now while I work on a heartfelt apology to the great De La Soul, take a moment to decide because this is […]

Aaron Rodgers

2017 Sports Countdown #1: Aaron Rodgers Weighs in on Protests

As the NFL 2017 season began, no one knew that the biggest moments of the season might be taking place before the games even started. A series of protests started in 2016 by then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick got some national attention when he chose to kneel during the national anthem to raise awareness for […]


NFL Pledges $89 Million to Social Justice Causes Over 7 Years

In response to players’ continued protests, the NFL has proposed committing $89 million over seven years to social justice causes considered important to the African-American community. It is an unprecedented move by a major pro sports league. ESPN reports that the league and a group of players agreed to the plan in principle during a […]

Oblivious CEO Thinks People Aren’t Buying Papa Johns Pizza Because Of NFL Protests

Papa Johns CEO John Schnatter has blamed sluggish pizza sales on the NFL’s #TakeTheKnee protests, a new report reveals. Schnatter blamed the NFL during a conference call with other disappointed Papa Johns executives, according to a report from ESPN. “The NFL has hurt us,” Schnatter said. “We are disappointed the NFL and its leadership did […]


The Weekly Static S01E10: Kaepernick, Camp Rock, And ‘Keiser’ Söze!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and kittens! Welcome back to The Weekly Static! But before we get started, it’s time for another… In case you’re new to the neighborhood, let me get you squared away with a little reminder of what we do here: The Weekly Static is my righteously desperate-yet-endearing attempt at finding the […]

Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell And NFL Owners To Work With Players On Protest Issues

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the media today to discuss the where the league stands on the National Anthem controversy. Goodell made it clear that he and the owners believe that the players should stand for the anthem. They feel that the protests are not about disrespecting the flag and the focus needs to be […]

Colin Kaepernick Files Charge Of Collusion Against NFL

The drama continues to swirl around the NFL and the players who are choosing to protest during the performance of the National Anthem. The Bleacher Report is reporting that former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick has retained  high-level attorney Mark Geragos to file a grievance against the NFL owners for collusion. Collusion in legal terms is […]

Eminem, Yuge Fantastic Four Fan, Compares Trump To The Thing In Epic Takedown

Eminem made a return of sorts at Tuesday night’s BET Awards. In a freestyle rap, he again went after Donald Trump after previously attacking him during last years “Campaign Speech” and on rapper Big Sean‘s song “No Favors”. In a blistering four-and-a-half minute freestyle, he calls Trump a “bitch” and “racist 94 year old grandpa”. […]


Gillian Anderson And David Duchovny #TakeAKnee On X-Files Set

It’s important to remember two things about the current #TakeAKnee movement: it began several months ago with still unsigned ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick exercising his right to peacefully protest by taking a knee and refusing to stand for the national anthem. His aim? Bring attention to police brutality and racial injustice. Over time, more athletes from […]

WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil Tweets In Support Of NFL #TakeTheKnee Protests

In the last few days, following comments by President Donald Trump at a rally calling protesting NFL players like Colin Kaepernick “sons of bitches” and suggesting they should be fired for exercising their first amendment rights, backlash against Trump and support of protestors has been spreading throughout the sports world. We’ve seen NBA star LeBron […]

lebron james

LeBron James Blasts Space Jam 2 Villain Donald Trump On Twitter Over NFL Comments

Space Jam 2 star LeBron James took to Twitter today to blast President Donald Trump following Trump’s ongoing bizarre attack on protesting NFL Players. Calling the actions of Colin Kaepernick, in taking a knee in protest during the National Anthem to support Black Lives Matter, “a total disrespect of everything we stand for,” Trump attacked Kaepernick […]

Michael Bennett

Seahawks’ Michael Bennett Accuses Las Vegas Police Of Excessive Force

In a letter posted to social media today, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett accuses police officers in Las Vegas of excessive force, pointing a gun at him, and unlawful detainment. Bennett was attending the Mayweather-McGregor fight and upon leaving the venue, a gunshot sent the exiting crowd running. Bennett was singled out by a […]

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Open To Signing Colin Kaepernick

Could there be an even bigger shakeup coming to the Jacksonville Jaguars than just whether the team is ready to give up on Blake Bortles? Early this week it was reported that Chad Henne would get the start in the third preseason game against the Carolina Panthers over incumbent starter Blake Bortles, signaling that the […]

Thad Lewis

Baltimore Ravens Pass On Kaepernick, Sign Thad Lewis

In NFL news today, the Baltimore Ravens added a veteran quarterback today by signing Thad Lewis. He is needed, since Joe Flacco‘s injury is keeping the team’s starter on the sidelines. The team has been shuffling quarterbacks around this summer with Ryan Mallett, who has been the main fill-in along with Josh Woodrum and Dustin […]