Coffin Hill

Coffin Hill's Caitlin Kittredge Takes On A New Grimm Series

Caitlin Kittredge talks Grimm #1, on sale in September from Dynamite. Cover by Maria Sanapo BYRON BREWER: Caitlin, congratulations on writing this new series for Dynamite. How did you become involved in this latest incarnation of Grimm? CAITLIN KITTREDGE: Thanks very much! Very excited to be involved in this project. I was approached by Matt […]

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So what's on the menu for this week's comics? Well there's a lot of food around. So, it seems sensible to check in with Chew… Erotic? Really? Okay then Ken Keebler, what would you make of this from Suicide Squad? Could even you make that a bit of a turn on? Well, Batgirl, wasted milk […]