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James Dean Resurrected Through CGI in Vietnam War Drama “Finding Jack”

Why James Dean’s Posthumous Casting is Not Worth the Outrage [OPINION]

A few angry Hollywood voices spoke out against Magic City Films. The studio cast the late James Dean in the Vietnam War drama Finding Jack and they plan to recreate the 24-year old actor, who died in 1955, through CGI. Critics took to social media to express their outrage. Starts with James Dean, Who’s Next? Knives […]

TSA Bans Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Sphere Coke Bottles

TSA Bans Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Sphere Coke Bottles

Travelers from the two major Disney theme parks in California and Florida of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will have to contend with a souvenir ban of the spherical “thermal detonator” Coke bottles, because of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says it looks like a replica explosive. The $5 Coke bottles are among over a 1,000 unique […]

Coca-Cola, Netflix Partner to Revive New Coke for ‘Stranger Things’

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more 80s nostalgia, Coca-Cola decides to revive one of their greatest signature misfires- New Coke. The beverage giant is partnering with Netflix to bring back New Coke (for a limited time) as featured brand in the TV series Stranger Things. New Coke will be featured in a few […]

Square Enix and Coca-Cola Join Forces for a Shadow of the Tomb Raider Event

It looks like Square Enix has decided to give you a much more theatrical experience when it comes to Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The company has partnered with Coca-Cola to bring you a special event on September 12th as you’ll get to see a short film called The Making of a Tomb Raider. You’ll see […]

This Day in Pop Culture History

On This Day In Pop Culture For March 12

Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, a daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool, so without further ado, here are some things that have happened on March 12: 1894- Coca-Cola is sold in bottles for the first […]

Honest Tea – The Breaking Bad of Earth-3 From NYCC

Paul Gullas writes for Bleeding Cool: Last month, 10.3 million TV viewers watched as the entrepreneurial venture of Walter White came to its violent, bloody end. Last Friday afternoon, at a lively and engaging panel, New York Comic Con attendees got to hear the real-life story of another teacher who launched a multimillion-dollar company with […]

Boris Johnson On Drugs On The Daily Show

This is Boris Johnson, Mayor of London on drugs. A couple of classic quotes; “Yes, cannabis is dangerous, but no more than other perfectly legal drugs. It’s time for a rethink, and the Tory party – the funkiest, most jiving party on Earth – is where it’s happening.” “I can’t remember what my line on […]